Why this Kolaveri a success? A case study!

BollywoodLife.com’s reader Karthik analyses the phenomenon called Why this Kolaveri di

Wondering what the whole fuss about Why this kolaveri di is all about? Kinda sick of reading about and listening to the various versions of the song? Just be a little more patient and read a case study painstakingly thought over and typed in by our reader Karthik.N. Trust us, after going through it, you will become a convert and start loving Kolaveri di (if you are one of the few haters, that is). Karthik goes on to explain why the song has worked. Not becoz of excellent viral marketing by Sony Music, but becoz of it’s simplicity, use of Taminglish and MTI (scroll below to know what it means). He has also written something in Tamil, which we couldn’t figure out. Tell us if you do! And do type in your views on his case study.

Writes Karthik.N, a visitor of BollywoodLife.com:



“Everyone around the world right from a mere listener of Music to fraternities around the World of music across the Globe are astonished by the success of the above song which is very very simple in its tune and lyrics!

So what helped the cause? Its the simplicity of the song that has helped its way to glory!

This song is ideally created in English..forget and forgive the grammar..then how did it reach people across the globe speaking 1000′s of languages..

You will get the answer if you go back to your primary where you started learning this link language called English and started slowly speaking it.

Remember the tutor reminding everyone of something called “MTI” “MOTHER TONGUE INFLUENCE” when we start speaking English and we do a direct translation of a sentence in english word by word like how we speak in our Mother tongue! and everyone whose mother tongue is not English around the world would have come across this phenomena…

Way the lyrics has been penned as far as Kolaveri is concerned is exactly like a person who speaks English with his Mother Tongue influence with all these ooh’s and aaah’s at the end of a word!

Ex.. (example)

தூரத்தில நிலா !

Distance la Moon-u! this is how the lyrics have been written..and the same applies to languages across the world….and actual translation is “Moon is at a distance”.

And the other part of it is when a person is fully drunk his English tend to come out as a direct translation of his Mother tongue in which he actually thinks.. and these two factors have actually hit the Bulls eye and has emotionally moved the listeners across the world…and the situation is in such a way that you can always relate yourself or your friend in that kind of a situation…

So the success story around the world for the song is not because its written in English and its actually because its written in an English with peoples own MOTHER TONGUE INFLUENCE! in a situation which is very common nowadays…accompanied with a superb simple catchy tune….Dis readily connect with the listeners!

So Brilliant team work..and an excellent approach to music knowingly or UN-Knowingly! (sic)”