Why was Gul Khan okay with Karan Singh Grover leaving Qubool Hai?

Tue, April 8, 2014 10:01pm IST by
Why was Gul Khan okay with Karan Singh Grover leaving Qubool Hai?

KSG quit the Zee TV show citing health issues and search for more interesting work; and looks like he has finally found his dream

When Karan Singh Grover left Qubool Hai, the channel (Zee TV) was miffed with the actor’s decision and called him unprofessional. They replaced him, but that did not work wonders for the show. When we called up Gul Khan to find out her reaction to KSG’s resignation, the director-producer of Four Lions Films refused to talk about it.

We thought the Qubool Hai producer-director was just trying to avoid the controversy by maintaining a ‘no comment’ policy. Apparently, that’s not the whole reason behind it, after all. We had our first doubt when we saw the two partying together on Karan’s birthday organised by Jennifer Winget on a yacht. Well, if she was really upset with Karan’s decision, the two would not be in the same room at least for a while.

Recent reports suggest that Karan Singh Grover has decided to produce shows with Gul Khan and the other producer of Four Lions Films, Gorky. Karan and Gul will also be producing Punjabi movies together. Apparently, the third member of the production house, Nissar Parvez has decided to leave the ship due to some creative differences.

Now doesn’t that all make a lot more sense? Guess Karan had been in talks with Gul to work together as a producer and hence she wasn’t too irked by his decision to quit her show, Qubool Hai midway. It could also be that since Gul wanted to work with Karan again, she chose to stay out of the controversy. No one truly knows, right!Subscribe to me on YouTube

  • Princess101

    if this is true then this is sick for both of them on immense levels. Neither of them care about the viewers feelings then now do they? I for one will not be watching anything by these twos because they both will leave there fans once again and wont care.

  • Aman Kapoor

    Heights of cheating…… A big no from my side for both of them….. will never watch any of their shows…..

    • Lallan

      I agree. Always thought Gul Khan was a professional but her loyalty is to just one man and not her audience. A big fat no from me too to both of them.

  • asya 4 ever