Why was Karan Singh Grover sacked from Qubool Hai? Zee Tv explains…

Why was Karan Singh Grover sacked from Qubool Hai? Zee Tv explains…

The television actor was shown the exit door recently. Read on to know why

Having tolerated his tantrums for months on end, Zee TV has asked Karan Singh Grover – the lead of Qubool Hai– to leave the show. His unprofessional behavior and lack of commitment towards the show are the primary reasons for which the channel has decided to take such a drastic step against the actor. Karan Singh Grover, who rose to fame and stardom once again enacting the role of Asad in Qubool Hai has struck a wrong chord with the makers of the show because of his irascible behavior.

A source from the sets shares the details on what compelled the channel to take such a step, “Karan, unfortunately, has a history of being notorious and obnoxious when success favours him…he had done the same thing when he was the lead for Dill Mill Gayye where he behaved in an extremely unprofessional manner and left the show in its peak. On Qubool Hai, we have always tried to accommodate and tolerate all his no-shows, late reporting, whims and fancies but Karan seems to have no regard for this show which gave him so much fame and adulation. He was the most pampered on the sets. But, he has been extremely unprofessional for the past few months. He showed no interest in the show. Due to his unavailability and tantrums, the storyline had to be changed constantly. Where most lead actors work for a minimum five days in a week for a daily fiction series, Karan reported on the sets for barely 5 hours in a week. Being an alcoholic didn’t help matters either as his drinking issues had him come on the sets in an inebriated condition at times, upsetting the shoot and other actors schedules. He doesn’t even cooperate with his co-actors. All this made it impossible for the unit to work with him. We are working towards an important highpoint and he doesn’t give us time citing illness and then we hear that he is holidaying someplace. Not acceptable for a daily fiction series. The creative team has had a tough time with him and his nonchalant and indifferent attitude could not be tolerated any longer so the channel has decided to replace him. The show’s content could not suffer beyond a point!”

On being asked about this move, Mr Ajay Bhalwankar, the Content Head of ZEEL, said, “Unprofessional behavior will be always accorded with strict disciplinary action. Actors should not take things lightly when they agree to be a part of a show as their erratic behavior can affect the livelihoods of many others who are working on it. No actor can hold shoots or dictate their terms and conditions to an extent that it hampers the show. We have initiated legal action and will announce his replacement soon.”

Sometime back the same fate was meted out to Ulka Gupta for her lack of dedication towards Khelti Hai Zindagi Ankh Micholi.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • shiviluvsKSG

    Seriously? How cheap can Zee Tv get? He brought them so much fame and now….YUCKKKKK! Hate Zee tv ….Love and Support Karan Singh Grover For ever :)

  • Rocky Pandey

    all rubbish…….KSG is not like that they are giving all wrong information to make themselves clear

  • Rocky Pandey

    too many characters dumped in QH because of that they are not getting time to show their tallent properly…….good that KSG left the show

  • Fatima Syed

    yaa o fcoursee suppor karan if they are goin gto replace ksg then i am not going to watch the show any more.. and i am damn sure anyone of th ksg fan will continue to see the show if the replace ksg….

    • Salam Pti

      mee too.

      • Rose mary

        If he is behaving like what the channel claims.then he should b really kicked.but one thing is sure that withou
        t KSG show will b incomplete & no on
        e else will b matching for zoya.it is really bad luck for the viewers.

  • Bismillah Faqiri

    I think some people cant handle the success but even he was small tv actor so he salman khan to throw taunt on the set but I fully support Zee tv if he has done these
    Beauvoir with now he has all time to drink alchol at home

    • riya

      I’m agree wid u bismillah .. .. . . Zee s best

      • Bismillah Faqiri

        Thanks riya

  • Salam Pti

    pls bring him back ONLY karan is suitable for this role and for zoya .
    I am not watching QH now…..

  • Rahul Lamba

    I love you karan . who gave wrong inf about you? i felt vvvvv bad .i hate zee tv .

  • navya

    The makers can check tellychakkar as howmany people would to follow the show post ksg’s exit…i think they shud reconsider their decission or shut down their show.Moreover they are just defaming him he has already cleared it all

  • deblina saha

    frm now onwards i m nt going 2 watch qubool hai anymre!!
    no 1 is effnct fr ds role othdr than karan hee s d best “love u karan”

  • seema

    I want karan back. I m promising u that I will never vote qubool hai if karan is replaced. I m a very big fan of karan’s I always will be!!!!!!

    • Guest

      me to also hate qubool hai if ksg back den only completed and succesfull show

    • Sadiq Smart Malik

      me to also hate qubool hai if ksg back den only completed and succesfull show
      and i love ksg so much he is doing acting very well specailly crying scene he is crying der and i m crying here

  • Annapurna Gaur

    what is this yr we saw this show only for karan ……nd now i hate qubool hai ……

  • Amanpreet Kaur

    all rubbish
    zee is worst chanal

  • Piyali Roy

    We need KARAN back.There is no Replacement for ZOYA and ASAD.either get KARAN back or shut the show.We pay money to watch the show.Its ridiculous that Karan is sacked

  • Piyali Roy

    bring Karan back

  • aysha

    OH please don’t give us Qubool hai Fans B*** S*** LIKE THAT…………….KARAN SINGH GROVER is INNOCENT you media people are Just looking for new stories every day………..all we want is KARAN SINGH GROVER RE-ENTRY THAT’S IT………raqesh vashisht the FOOLISH actor who is a complete embarrassment to the role aak……………….Please zee tv BRING BACK THE ONE AND ONLY ASAD AHMED KHAN (KSG) WE ONLY WANT TO SEE ONE JODI ONN THE SETS OF QUBOOL HAI AND THATS KABHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ranz

    CRAP- only Ajay ‘whatever’ thinks so– no co-actor or any other source feels he behaved in this manner!!! Mr Ajay ‘whatever’s ego is bigger than he is! He will repent! Karan Singh Grover is a proffessional and he gave his all to ZEE TV and Qubool Hai and made Asad Ahmed Khan what he is today–let me see Zee or anyone being able to maintain his intensity or dedication..noone can…

  • Mona

    There are always new actor so it is still shit
    Asad is better !!!!!