Why was Nawazuddin Siddiqui scared to kiss his Miss Lovely co-star?

The former Miss India Earth is a gorgeous head turner, then why did the Gangs of Wasseypur actor have cold feet before kissing her?

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has entertained the classes and now he is all set up for entertaining the masses. He has finally done what most B-Town actors have done several times—onscreen kissing. The Kahaani actor would be seen kissing his co-star Niharika Singh in his upcoming movie Miss Lovely and we hear that the talented actor was very nervous on the day, the scene was supposed to be shot. You ask why? Well, it was because the lady on the receiving end was the very beautiful, winner of the Miss India Earth beauty pageant in 2005.

A little birdie chirped to us that when shooting began, The Lunchbox actor was not informed about the kissing scene. He was thus a bit apprehensive at first, as a lot of shooting had been done for the film when the makers told him about the kissing scene. That he is a chain smoker also added to his discomfort, and he did not know how the smell would go down with the beauty pageant winner. But to his rescue came Niharika, who herself handed him a breath freshener just before the shot was taken.

We know that Nawazuddin is a method actor and would not want any scene to be anything but the best. So thanks to Niharika’s fresh and intelligent idea, Nawazuddin gave his best in the shot and Niharika herself, was saved from kissing a chimney. Haina peeps?