Why was Rahul Roy not invited to watch Aashiqui 2?

The leading man of Mahesh Bhatt’s original Aashiqui was conveniently ignored during the release of Mohit Suri’s reprise of the 1990 blockbuster

Rahul Roy was once regarded as the poster boy of the Bhatt camp. After becoming an overnight star with Mahesh Bhatt’s Aashiqui way back in 1990, Roy went on to do five more films with Bhatt’s banner Vishesh Films. But now, 23 years after delivering the only solo blockbuster of his career, Roy has remained largely ignored.

The 47-year-old actor was not even invited to watch the recently released Mohit Suri-directed Aashiqui 2– the reprise of Roy’s original hit. “I have not seen the film. Maybe because I am no longer that close to Mahesh Bhatt saab. During the last 12-13 years we just drifted apart. If I had seen it, I’d be better positioned to comment on it. As things stand, when I’m asked about it I can only conjecture,” said Rahul.

Clearly, Bhatt has been distancing himself from the actor who was once the face of his banner. Rahul too maintains that he’s not going to knock on the doors of Vishesh Films to get work. But what is his take on the sequel’s music, vis-à-vis the hysteria created by music director duo Nadeem Shravan’s magical compositions in the original movie? “It’s bizarre. Aashiqui is a brilliant monkey on my shoulder. And I don’t think that magic can be recreated. The music of Aashiqui by Nadeem Shravan was unbeatable. However, I like the songs in Aashiqui 2. For once I can understand the songs and lyrics in a contemporary score. But if you’re going to tell me that this music can be compared with the original Aashiqui, then I’m sorry, that can’t happen. Aashiqui was magic,” explained Rahul.

In an industry where you are as successful as the fate of your last film, Rahul Roy’s identity has faded and the actor’s once good friend and mentor Mahesh Bhatt too seems to have no time for the boy who gave them the blockbuster that Aashiqui was! Sad, no?