Why were Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor missing from IIFA awards 2014?

Why were Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor missing from IIFA awards 2014?

While starts like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor were dazzling the IIFA stage with their starry presence, we certainly missed some from our fraternity and wonder why they skipped the event that is often touted as the Oscars of India. Read on to know more…

When Aamir Khan doesn’t show up for an award function, it is understandable. He has sworn off award shows for life and he won’t appear in any unless it is the Academy Award show itself! He won’t break this tradition even for the award show that is popularly called the Indian Oscars show. But we were stunned to see that like the Mumbai voter turnout, the actor turnout at IIFA this year was low.

There were some socially responsible actors like Farhan Akhtar and Ranveer Singh who stayed back a day just to cast their votes and then flew to Florida for the event. But then there was a huge chunk of the Bollywood celebs that were missing all the fun happening at Tampa Bay.

For starters, the Bachchan parivaar gave the IIFA awards a miss. We cannot help but say that IIFA was not the same without this family. Like the Bachchans, the Khans too were unavailable for the event. Sallu bhai was busy with his next release Kick. SRK was also marked absent at this year’s IIFA perhaps because he was busy with the IPL or other commitments, who knows!

Deepika glittered beside Kevin Spacey as they did the Lungi dance, but Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were not present at the event to go jelly at that! Probably, they were busy with Sussanne Roshan getting their love-nest built in Mumbai. Wink, wink!

Unlike last year, Vidya Balan didn’t grace IIFA with her presence this year. Wonder whether there is any truth in those pregnancy rumours or is Vidya hiding something else? We certainly know what Anushka Sharma has been hiding though. After her Koffee with Karan appearance, we haven’t seen much of Anushka and she claims it is due to the Bombay Velvet’s busy schedule. But to give IIFA a miss makes us feel like Anushka might be keeping away for different reasons and not even watching cricket is clearing our doubts pertaining to Anushka’s absence. Could it be to hide those lips, wethinks it might be.

Though John Travolta and Kevin Spacey made this year’s IIFA special beyond measure, we missed our stars in Florida. We just hope that at the next award function, all these missing actors make an appearance and make the event a starry one.

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  • ganga

    Not just Ifaa. Ranbir katrina dint go to any award show this year . I mean who wants to go to award shows and go through embarrassing questions by journalists. I know you guys think katrina is dumb . But if she was dumb she wouldn’t had been were she is today . This year award shows have been only about deepika. Let her enjoy it.

    • Lily

      Very true ganga! I like d low profile. There are times u just need to stay clear of the spotlight. If they had gone, one new lie would have been fabricated against dem. I love them. They should give them some slacks!

  • Anne

    Maybe ranbir and katrina wanted some alone time while other left

    • Rohini

      They are not a couple!

      • Iman Ali

        They are best n gorgeous n cutesg couple,

  • najatlovekiss

    if am Katrina i will not even go to awards show that i no they will not give it to me, without awards Katrina will be fine ,

  • amyra

    Why t people picking on Katrina all the time leave her alone seriously get a life, she must be busy, any way it wasent just her missing from the event, Salman, shahrukh, vidiya balan non of them attanded.

  • Iman Ali

    Deepika m mean cheapika i not busy at all, she boasts n just over hype herself through her PR . She went for IPL, iffa, tv shows, evey award shows, it mean she is just boasting to be very busy, C class films she is doing not need much time for shooting, katrina kaif is really busiest actress as she is performing high stunts in her up coming film, she is missing everything wardz,xshows, performancez, even may be cannes bt i wnt to see her in cannes m waiting for that really

    • monkey face(katrina)

      Deepika is the most talented actress in bollywood as compared to katrina….there is no comparison bween dp and kat….she is not attending the shows because she is jealous from deepika and she is not busy in her films she go for a holiday with ranbir….

      • 5,4,3,2,1 BANG BANG

        talented my foot and jealous lol why wld kat be jealus of a witch

  • Iman Ali

    Bkwasss awards , there is no value of awards now, only cheap people like to go , i hav not seen any award this year, because i dont like any performance this year n super stars are missing from it

  • katrina mokey face

    Deepika is the best iluv herrrrrrr…….kat is jelous from katrina and i hate jelous people….

  • Sudipta Dolly

    ya it is right let deepika enjoy her life
    am happy dat ran n kat are busy in dr weddng