Why will Salman Khan not bring Ganpati at his Bandra home this year?

The Mental actor has been getting Ganpati at his Bandra residence for 11 years now, but the actor has a different plan this year

Salman Khan is a true Indian-he celebrates every festival from every religion with equal enthusiasm and interest. Be it Eid, Diwali, Dahi Handi or Ganesh Chaturthi, bhai believes in celebrations and spreads happiness with his Dabangg personality. He has been bringing the Ganesh idol at his Galaxy Apartments home in Bandra for the last 11 years. But this time in its 12th year, there will be no Ganpati at Bhai’s starry den in Bandra.

A little birdie has chirped to us that Salman’s Galaxy apartment is currently getting renovated. The Khan family has now moved to a temporary address in Panvel until the renovation is complete. So this year, Bappa will be welcomed and worshipped at Salman’s farmhouse in Panvel. “Our flats at Galaxy are being renovated so we may not celebrate Ganpati there this year but at our farmhouse in Panvel. We will take a decision on that soon,” said Arpita in an interview recently.

We wonder if the Khan-daan will get the eco-friendly idol back to Bandra on the Visarjan day or will it be immersed somewhere around Panvel? We will ask this to bhai next time we meet him, for sure!