Will 2013 be a successful year for Akshay Kumar?

Will 2013 be a successful year for Akshay Kumar?

How will 2013 be for Akshay Kumar – the actor, the producer, the person? Which films will elevate his career? How is life looking for him in the new year? Tarot tells us this week…

2013 puts Akshay Kumar numerically in the right place to excel and succeed, but will this manifest in its entirety? The Five of Wands opens Akshay’s year with minor conflicts and disagreements with certain people and projects, but this will soon pass to pave the way for an overall successful year. He will have immense control over his projects and with the Strength card appearing, he will manage to maintain such control over most areas of his professional life without too much discomfort. Akshay’s ability to show versatility will bring him most success in 2013.

The films:

The much talked about South remake, Thuppakki has received some very positive cards. The Queen of Wands, Nine of Cups and the Nine of Pentacles all represent success for the actors as well as the makers. In fact, its box office success will be one of the highlights for Akshay Kumar in 2013. The cards do advise this film to be released in November or December of 2013, as this will be its most favourable time.

Akshay’s February release, Special Chabbis will have a hot and cold response. Although it will do decently well at the box office, the Knight of Swords does warn of rushing the film which could be a major contributing factor to the response it receives, especially as the film has potential to do well. Therefore a bit more patience could give it Sun like success.

Naam Hai Boss is looking to go over budget, but this should not hamper the final result. The Seven of Pentacles and the Hermit indicates a successful outcome with a strong opening and a consistent financial performance over the weeks. Akshay will be appreciated, but he will need to be watchful of disagreements during the making of this film.

Akshay Kumar – the producer – will go through a phase of disappointment where putting together the right ideas will seem a struggle. But with cards like the Star and the King of Swords, Akshay will manage to plan out some very successful films in 2013-14.

Health will play a vital role in 2013. The Star and Lovers card does warn of concerns waist above – therefore it will be imperative for Akshay to be watchful of this. Drinking more water and not losing out on routine will see him pull through. At the same time, despite Akshay having a generally good year, he will feel let down or hurt in relationships.

Akshay will end 2013 like the Magician – on top, wiser, in control, confident and a more versatile actor.

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  • MrSingh79

    What a load of bakwaas! All of Akki’s movies in 2013 will be blockbuster hits! No amount of tarot can change that! Akki fans will watch all of his movies and he will be one of the number one stars of 2013, like he was in 2012. Good luck paji!

    • khiladi kumar

      khiladi kumar is successful person in bollywood.akshay is comming for bollywood in 1990 movie saugandh.

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    AKKI’ all movies will break records and create history and akki will finally beat salman khan and take the ‘KING’ tag.

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    i love two read gossip on regarding t v n bollywood news i love ur side dis is da best side plz add one side for box office reports also that we know which movie is doing well.

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    akki is god of acting

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    akshay is best actor and best singar

  • shivamkumar

    akshay is best actor and best singar
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    akshay kumar is best actor very hansom my fevret hero……….

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    akki is king. I am zero. Akki is my superstar

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      i love you akshay kumar i m malik umar

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    Akki good luck ,and all your movies will become big hits of all time.

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