Will Aamir Khan produce son Junaid’s film?

The Dhoom:3 actor tells us what he feels about his kids entering the filmdom

Recently, Aamir Khan revealed that he would not only be happy if his children entering the film industry but will also help them willingly. His son Junaid is already assisting Rajkumar Hirani in Peekay. Also, Aamir has no qualms about his daughter Ira entering the film industry. On being asked would he be okay with his kids joining the film industry, he said, “I would love that, but I have no idea. I don’t ask them. They should do what they feel like doing. No pressure from me or from any of us. If they decide to come to the films, I would like all my children enter films.”

Mr Perfectionist goes on to say, “If they enter a field where I am in, Kiran is in, we will be able to work together, hopefully, and that would give me great amount of joy. So, I would be very happy if my daughter joins the films.”

That’s not all, Aamir Khan also said that he would produce Junaid’s film. He said, “If he comes up with a good script and if I have the trust and faith in him as a director, then definitely. He will have to satisfy me like any other director.”

Well, so our perfectionist Khan is not like some other B-townies who have a problem with their kids joining the film industry. What more, he also says that he will support them if need be. How cool, no? Lucky kids, we must say!