Will Aamir Khan’s son Junaid become a Bollywood hero?

Will Aamir Khan’s son Junaid become a Bollywood hero?

The actor-filmmaker’s elder son will soon begin his cinematic journey as an assistant director. But will he turn to acting?

Not many born on the other side of the ’90s know that Aamir Khan began his career in films as an assistant director (AD) in his family’s production house, and not as a mainstream lead actor. But look at him today – not only is he an A-list star of Bollywood, but also an acclaimed filmmaker and industry pioneer. He has also made a successful debut as TV host in Satyamev Jayate. Looks like now Aamir’s first child, his son Junaid, will be following in the footsteps of his dad.

Junaid, who studies in a South Mumbai college, will soon begin assisting director Rajkumar Hirani on Peekay, a film that stars Aamir and Anushka Sharma. Considering Aamir’s career graph, we can safely assume that his 20-year-old son too will make a smooth transition to Bollywood hero in no time. And of course, Aamir would be happy to launch him – but only if Junaid were to prove himself in auditions, we assume. But you tell us: Would you like to see Junaid Khan as a male lead in Bollywood?

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  • veenaga

    Junaid enjoys a lot, when he was in her mother’s womb,which makes him grow taller than his father. The face features reveals that he is more than a commander,One should hear to him.A smiling face will bestows the heaven. If he left his way is capable of earning name and fame. Let me study his birth chart, need of the hour is Date of birth,place and time.I will make one to make a deep study. We are planning an Astro Temple with an Indian touch, to coagulate with the learned personalities who hate blind belief,but they ask us to believe their theory.

  • firdous alam

    yes cent percent
    yeh tu film line ki parampara bani hue hai ki actor ka beta/beti pehle ek do saal kisi actor ko kaam karte dekhta hai then he become to shot for himself

  • aman

    who is son who is father, aamir khan is yonger than two buddhe salman or bakri srk.

  • Taimur ali

    Thank amir brather.



    good sir