Will Aditya Chopra be successful as the new head of Yash Raj Films?

What is the future of Yash Raj Films? Will Aditya Chopra take over and be successful? How well will his directorial ventures do? How will other directors fare under the YRF banner? How will Aditya and Shahrukh Khan’s relationship develop now that Yash Chopra is no more? The cards explain it all…

With the unfortunate passing of Yash Chopra, the card’s depict Aditya Chopra as the Knight of Swords and the Ten of Wands – explaining the burden of loss he feels, and the weight of responsibility of now having to spearhead certain areas of life where he was earlier dependent on his father. Over the course of the next 10 months, he will definitely manage to pull himself together, and ease into the new roles. The Knight of Cups shows that he will be well supported by Uday Chopra – in fact the energy and emotional support from his brother will be immense.

But will all this amount to further success for the Yash Raj banner?

There is tremendous growth for YRF in the years ahead. The Two of Cups, The Hierophant and the Four of Wands are cards that represent new alliances, further streamlining of ideas, and stronger foundation building exercises for the company. All this will go off very well, and with the Ten of Pentacles appearing, money will flow better into the company. Certain obvious precautions need to be taken, such as proper legal paper work and agreements will have to be drawn up with new alliances.

New films with new directors will eventually do well, but with the revelation of the Seven of Cups and the Devil card, it is important for these new makers to be better focused and realistic with their film making approach. A majority of the films will do well, but there will be those that won’t – this can be avoided if YRF provides them with better guidance. Another tip: With the Empress appearing, it would be profitable to take on female directors.

It will be highly beneficial for YRF and Aditya Chopra if he directs or releases his next film in 2014, but until then the Hanged Man represents delay and a genuine desire to not direct immediately. After the next 12 months, Aditya will feel stable enough to direct a successful venture. Until then, the Shahrukh Khan-Aditya Chopra equation will go through changes and will require better communication, especially as the Magician and the Six of Wands show triumph and a growing respect for one another over the course of the coming year.

Overall, the YRF banner, Aditya Chopra and all those looking to associate themselves with the company, will end up being a part of its upcoming glory and momentum.

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