Will Aishwarya Rai Bachchan do Mani Ratnam’s Rebecca?

When the buzz about Beti B Aaradhya’s mommy returning to the big screen surfaced, we were delighted. But then came a dampener…

A while ago the sweet news about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan returning to the bada parda with her mentor and fave filmmaker Mani Ratnam’s Rebecca created a stir. And it even seemed pretty logical, given that Ash actually looks up to Mani and couldn’t have refused a movie that he must have offered. And it was slated to start many months for now, which would be enough time for her to get back into movie-star form. So we believed it. And you did too, readers, right?

But what’s this? Now MR’s wife Suhasini Ratnam rubbishes it all with, “This (the news about Ash doing Rebecca) is wrong.” Ouch! Mrs Ratnam even said that Mani is presently focusing on a Tamil movie called Kadal and will do so for the next eight months. After which he would need to take time off to write any new script. Hmmm, that means nothing is happening on the Rebecca front…at least, not for now and not that anyone will admit to yet. Sigh!

But does that mean it’s not a possibility even in the future? Being the eternal optimists that we are, we’re tempted to cling to our shredded hopes thinking maybe, just maybe, if Mani decides to work on Rebecca, he might sign on Aishwarya. It could happen, no? If not now, maybe next year. Possible?

Then again, with a sinking heart we realise that means that Ash’s comeback is nowhere on the horizon in the near future. Tch tch. What a disappointment!

And it makes us wonder what darling husband Abhishek Bachchan thinks about it all. Are you a bit disappointed too, AB? ‘Coz now it surely looks like your dear wifey is in no hurry to make her coveted comeback – as opposed to your expressed desire – and can even afford to take a while longer to get back in shape while looking after your li’l beti at home. Hai na?

But Abhi-Ash’s equation is none of our business. Right? So we leave it at that. But what about you, dear readers? Are you heartbroken too? Tell us – do you think it’s time for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to return to the big screen?