Will Aishwarya Rai Bachchan make a comeback opposite Varun Dhawan?

Will Aishwarya Rai Bachchan make a comeback opposite Varun Dhawan?

Buzz is that Aaradhya Bachchan’s mommy is all set to be back in action…and soon

We popped a bottle of champagne when we heard that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is finally considering a comeback. But the celebration fizzled out a tad bit when we heard that our elegant might be paired opposite B-town’s new kiddo Varun Dhawan. Oops!

The movie in question is Sriram Raghavan’s dark thriller. And our feathered friends have spotted Varun dropping in at Raghavan’s office every now and then to discuss the project. As far as Ash is concerned, birdies chirp that makers are still awaiting her response.

So should Ash say ‘yes’? The question muddles us up a teeny-tiny bit. And that’s because imagining Ash romancing the young lad sends shivers down our spine (now is that your way of chilling and thrilling us, Sriram? We hope not!). There is a possibility of Ash playing mother…oops…or elder sister to Varun, but it makes us imagine the dent it will cause in Mrs Bachchan’s screen image. Get the dilemma?

But then, it also depends on the script, no? If the thriller is actually intriguing, guess many won’t mind the unconventional pairing, right?

Now you tell us, peeps: Do you think Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Varun Dhawan should be paired up?

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  • Ankita

    I just love Aishwarya but she will like an aunty to varun dhawan or like an elder sister :D no offence but No ways they can be paired opposite each other,better d director scrap his plans to make d movie if at all he wants to caste only aish and varun :)

  • varun dhawan’s lover

    no. no. no. no. never… aish please say no….varun should be paired with deepika please please

  • dara

    what nonsense

  • Anil

    Hell no, will be the oddest pairing ever, she might as well be paired as his maa, maasi, bua, sauteli maa but not his lady love

  • Sabith

    Aishwarya now looks like Abhishek’s mom..

    • Rokayia Athar

      Ash has even started to look older then her own husband!
      There is no match with Varun as she is double his age so best to play his Mom!!!!!!!!

  • Ahmad

    why u people so worried , let them pair , hope the story wud be strong if ever Ash aaccept the role. maybe a story like Hollywood :” The Reader “

  • sanet

    No,she looks like a mom now.I don’t think Varun should have to accept the proposal,Her facial expression seems like a 50+older woman.Now let the director and producer decide,as they are roping huge amount behind her,but one thing,is guaranteed,if the news is true,the producer will loose at the bo simply.

  • EM


    Ash is beautiful but varun is soooo young and the pair will be really ODD!!!!

    pls choose the right pair

    Ash looks good with hrithik

    I wanna see varun with sonakshi sinha love their photoshoot together

  • K11

    I don’t think that’ll happen but Aishwarya always gets typecast as the older women in films and it didn’t look bad at all.

  • Loath

    Why is everyone calling her too old? when much older actors act opposite as love interest of women in their 20s>!! ignorant much people?!!

  • sangram adhikary


  • Anju

    Is she going to be playing Varun’s mother??? She’s waaaaaaaaaay too old looking to be paired with Varun! Hell no! She looks older than her husband so she can’t be this young man’s love interest?

  • shivom

    yeah why not
    we r waiting for this