Will Aishwarya’s pregnancy affect her market?

Industry analysts don’t seem to think so

The news of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s pregnancy came as a surprise to many, but if you are wondering about the timing of it and what will happen to her future projects, then relax. You will still see her onscreen, though the roles might be slightly different. That’s what trade analyst Komal Nahta believes. Nahta, who also edits Film Information magazine and Koimoi.com, said the pregnancy might affect her market value, but only “slightly. It won’t be the end of the road for her. Today’s audience is mature enough. Look at Kajol.” But isn’t Aishwarya known more for her sexiness than Kajol? So won’t that be affected? “Aishwarya is not viewed as a sex bomb or anything like that. She is more of an ethereal beauty. And that will remain so, though the roles she gets may be of a different kind.” So all you Ash fans, chill. You will continue to see your fave lady on screen. That is, if Ash doesn’t decide to trade greasepaint for diapers.