Will Akshay Kumar act in the Marathi movie 72 Mail?

The B-town Khiladi is clear about his intentions regarding regional cinema. Now is this going to be a new chapter in Akki’s acting career?

Even as we focussed our attention on the current Marathi mulgi of B-town as seen in Rani Mukerji from Aiyyaa, stealthily working in this regional genre was none other than the Khiladi himself: Akshay Kumar. And now we hear that the Good Lord from OMG Oh My God! is producing a Marathi movie named 72 Mail based on a novel written by Ashok Vhatkar.

“Akshay was keen on doing a Marathi film for quite some time,” director Rajiv Patil said in an interview. And so when an acquaintance introduced him to Kumar, the actor liked the idea and promptly decided to produce it.

And guess what! Once Akki gave the go-ahead, the film shoot was completed in two days flat, and now the crew is all set to work on post-production. Talk about being quick!

What’s more, birdies chirp that Akshay did want to surprise his audience and fans by producing a Marathi movie and hence deliberately kept the project under wraps. Hmmm, are we surprised? Yes! But our eyes would have popped out completely if the B-town actor had agreed to act in this movie too. Alas, that’s so not on Akki’s to-do list this time around. Sigh!

But tell us, Akshay, why so interested in Marathi movies? Bored of B-town, are you?