Will Alisha manage to separate Suvreen Guggal and RC?

Is it about feeling awkward or being morally right? We wonder!

Rehaan Charles aka RC (Mohit Malik) has always harboured secret feelings for Suvreen Guggal (Smriti Kalra), but has never confessed them due to his fear of being morally wrong.

In the first season of Suvreen Guggal Topper of the Year on Channel V, we saw RC’s dilemma about his feelings for his top student and protégé Suvreen. When RC had almost mustered up enough courage to tell her, he realised that she was in love with her college friend Yuvraj(Shivin Narang).

The second season began with a break in the college romance, thus giving RC an opening into Suvreen’s life….not that he ever took it. Even when Yuvraj and Suvreen patched up and decided to work together for RC, he smiled and accepted it graciously. We believe this is because he truly recognised Suvreen’s potential and talent and so gave her new fashion projects and considered her his right hand – not ‘coz she was his first love.

RC had almost moved on in life and was probably even considering a relationship with Ira (Simple Kaul), when Alisha (Heli Daruwala) – Suvreen’s arch enemy – spoiled it for everyone. She poisoned Ira’s mind against Suvreen and stole RC’s private diary. Apparently RC had written his deepest secrets and feelings for Suvreen in the diary. When Ira finds the journal planted by Alisha, she is heartbroken and annoyed at Suvreen.

Guggal, on the other hand, is shell shocked when she reads the diary. She idolised her teacher and considered him nothing more than a mentor, but on reading about RC’s feelings for her, Suvreen takes a step back. She decides to tell Yuvraj nothing about it and to keep a distance from RC.

In episodes to come, RC will ask her to join him for a project in Delhi and Suvreen refuses. This obviously confuses RC, ‘coz Suvreen has never said no to anything he has asked for. Guggal will now try avoiding her boss and will do everything in her power to never be alone with him. Obviously this will hurt RC, but will he figure out why his protégé is distancing herself from him? Will Guggal confront RC and reveal his secret to Yuvraj? To find out, keep watching Suvreen Guggal Topper of the Year!


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