Will Anil Kapoor manage to pull off a superhero film?

The actor attended the trailer launch of Krrish 3 recently and he revealed what he desires to do next

Anil Kapoor wants to be a part of Krrish 4. Well, that’s what he said at the promotional event of Krrish 3.The actor is extremely good friends with Rakesh Roshan – they have shared a great relationship over the years. And not to forget the two have also worked on a couple of hit films together. So when asked if he wants to work with his good buddy again, Kapoor pounced at the idea of starring in RR’s Krrish 4 – if he plans to make one of course!

But we wonder if Mr Kapoor will be able to pull off a superhero act. And if God forbid if his costume happens to be a cleavage revealing body suit – we will have a unique one-of-kind hero with a hairy chest out there…now that dear readers wouldn’t be very exciting to watch…