Will Anil Kapoor’s 24 woo youngsters back to TV?

The actor believes that his new show on Colors will keep the new generation engaged with its action-packed punch

Anil Kapoor knows that young India is not interested in watching the regular saas-bahu saga on the small screen. The Slumdog Millionaire actor says it upsets him when he hears youngsters say that they have stopped watching television as they have begun to rubbish the content that is out there on the small screen. But Anil is hopeful that his forthcoming thriller, 24, will impress the youth who have moved miles away from the idiot box. “The challenge was to balance the thriller element with the family drama. My character is constantly battling this dilemma between his personal and professional lives,” said Anil in an interview.

Kapoor says 24 has been his most enjoyable acting assignment. He also assures his fans that the show is very relevant in the Indian context. Anil also stated that there are many reality shows especially the crime shows that are doing well because these shows are based on reality, his drama series inspite of being fictional will be equally engaging. The debonair star also maintained that 24 is not here to compete with any show but it will strive to raise the bar as far quality content for TV shows is concerned.

We at BollywoodLife too believe that just like the changing face of our cinema, where newer and bolder concepts are being experimented, even television needs to change to keep our youth excited with its intelligent content. Don’t you agree?