Will Anil Kapoor’s television debut 24 change his career graph?

The Bollywood star’s television stint has definitely proved to be a breakthrough onthe  small screen

Anil Kapoor’s show 24 has brought with it a lot of positives for the actor, but how will such a platform help his career? Or will it not? Is producing the future for him or will acting be his mainstay? How does his future look? Our Tarot expert Shruti Chopra tells us.

I was a little surprised with the cards for 24. Anil Kapoor‘s investment has been extensive – from the finances to putting his acting reputation at stake. What is concerning are the Five of Cups, the Tower and the Two of Pentacles – these cards in combination explain the sticky financial situation Kapoor would have to go through. The series is and will continue to be a huge success with future series helping to strengthen the 24 brand and will bring in much required profits. Additional aspects, such as the recently launched 24 game will be an important contributing factor. The Magician explains the type of control brand 24 will have in the times ahead. Although it will be tough, but it has been a gamble worth taking.

This begs the question – is production the right way forward for him? With the Empress and the Ten of Cups coming together, production is a highly recommended direction for continued and consistent success. Yet for the next year, Kapoor should just stick with television, as films will cause unnecessary delays and may lead to further financial constraints. Whereas television, although still a risk will be one that pays of more impressively than initially expected.

With so much happening off camera, where does this leave Kapoor’s acting career? There is a stark contrast from the rich and progressive Nine of Pentacles and the disappointing Eight of Cups. Hence it is very possible that upcoming opportunities may not bring with it the type of money he would now expect, but this would be a temporary phase up until August 2014. Critical acclaim also graces Kapoor, but this is still some time away. What is possible is to act in a highly successful commercial film with one of his former heroines, especially Madhuri Dixit-Nene. The Ace of Cups hints of some magnetic chemistry which will appear fresh and pure – certainly a great pull for the audiences.

The years ahead spell quality, growth and further national and international success for Kapoor. 24, producing and acting are activities that will make all this possible.

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