Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Ram Kapoor and Priya Kapoor be accepted after the 20-year leap?

BALH takes a 20-year leap – will this help the show’s TRPs? Will Ram and Priya still be loved? Will the audiences accept Pihu? Tarot takes a look…

Ram Kapoor‘s character in Bade Acche Lagte Hain, represented by the Death card, will go through numerous changes – in fact there will be some uncomfortable twists and turns. At one point he will be like the Hermit, wise and sensible yet the Seven of Cups also represents confusion plaguing his life. He will make some unrealistic decisions, making his life more difficult than expected. Temptations will draw him into making mistakes that will change his family equations.

Priya Kapoor on the other hand will initially appear happy, only to be burdened with numerous responsibilities. The Two and Nine of Swords show her having a tough time understanding why everything has gone so wrong. After months of struggle her character will pick up like the Magician card – where she will put together all the pieces and come back stronger. Her strength will keep the family together.

The young Pihu will be sorely missed, her energy and cuteness will just not be there anymore. But there’s hope; an older Pihu will, like the Ten of Cups, be a reflection of her mother. She will have the family on top of her priority list and strive to keep them together. Her character will become firm and very confident, which the audiences will identify with, hence accepting her changes very well.

This 20-year leap will initially find the audiences divided, but current viewers will enjoy the chemistry between characters and the freshness brought in. The Ace of Pentacles and Two of Cups re-affirm this, and also represent the importance of how new romances will keep the audiences engaged.

The real test are the TRPs – will new viewers attach themselves to the show? Although the Knight of Pentacles does show a steady start, cards such as the Ace of Wands emphasise the need for quick changes in story line to maintain and increase ratings. There will be a dip in TRPs after three months, which will prove to be difficult to pick up from. Hence, some tarot advice – staying truer to the story and not losing the essence of family ties will bring the show better success. The Empress further advises the need to keep women at the centre of the storyline.

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