Will Bigg Boss victory make Gauhar Khan a superstar?

Will Bigg Boss victory make Gauhar Khan a superstar?

Model-turned-actror won the seventh season of Bigg Boss and took home the prize money of Rs.50 lakh with the trophy. She said that now her aim is to attain super-stardom in showbiz

Gauahar Khan, seen in films like Game and Ishaqzaade, wishes to gain superstardom after winning the popular show.”I wish this platform helps me gain superstardom. There is a very different feeling when people start calling you a superstar. And that’s what I want,” said Gauahar.

The grand finale was held at Lonavala, a hill station near Mumbai, where the Bigg Boss house was put up. This is the fourth consecutive season that a woman has been crowned the winner after Shweta Tiwari, Juhi Parmaar and Urvashi Dholakia winning the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons respectively.

In the final round, the competition was between Gauhar and Tanisha. And their mothers were at the venue to support them.

Other finalists, who were vying for the title, were Ajaz Khan and wrestler Sangram Singh.The grand finale turned out to be an extravagant affair with entertaining performances by Salman and the contestants.

Funnyman VJ Andy too took to the stage to entertain the audience with his performance on the title track of Besharam. He was accompanied by Sangram and Ajaz.

Even love birds, Tanisha-Armaan and Gauahar-Kushal Tandon’s romantic act was shown at the gala.

The seventh season of the show went on air Sep 15 on Colors. It started with 14 celebrities, and later, five additional celebrities made wild card entries at different points during its run.

Unlike the other seasons, this time the house was initially divided into heaven and hell sections where the contestants were treated differently. Another living space called the Caravan, a motor vehicle, was introduced in the show.

But like every other season, even this one was embroiled in controversy. Armaan was arrested for allegedly assaulting British singer-actress Sofia Hayat. Her complaint was the result of an argument that broke out between the two and Armaan ended up hitting Sofia with a mop, which left her injured.

Other controversies included Kushal being dismissed from the house due to his bad behaviour and Gauahar following him out and then returning.

The season also saw Salman Khan being blamed by the contestants as well his fans for being biased towards some of the contestants, including Tanisha.

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  • Sandeip Kapoor

    Gobar Jaan superstar ? My azz.

  • preety

    go to hell…get lost gobar..tu kabhi kamayab nahi ho sakti tune koi naya nai kiya hai india me sirf jhoot bolne ar fake jaiso ki jagah hai accept my hero Mr.arvind kejariwal.

  • Annie

    gauhar deserved to win, and she has everything it takes to be a superstar! Hopefully luck is on her side :)

    • SR

      except her age

  • GD

    i dont understand y gauhar haters r getting so much aggressive now..accept ur defeat!! While u guys were busy getting into ugly spat wid gauhar fans and watching live feed, smart gauhar fans were voting for her!!! LMAO

  • shavona

    well deserving! she is strong confident unlike tanisa, who is nothing and just showing off her sister name and last name. shame on her! good she got defeated at the end!
    you rockedgauhar khan. beautiful. hard working!!!! confident and nice!!!!!! <3

    • SR

      gauhar is nothing but a fighter cock. She was not liked by anyone in the beginning of the show and had conflicts with everyone. It was only because of Kushal and later on Apurva that she started getting strong. For her, arguing and fighting is very easy as she does the same thing in Khan Sisters. Khan sisters have so much of fight among themselves, how can they get along well with others.

  • Vivek Sharma

    Gauhar won because her ex-boy friend who is a multi millionaire hired his employees to vote for Gauhar and is a leaked news two days before. But so sad ajay and kajol did not do that otherwise Taneesha would have won means they don’t care for Taneesha. It is so sad that such an irritating girl has won, had anyone of Taneesha and Sangram won I would have been happy but the moment i knew that Gauhar won I swich off my T.V.

  • Vivek Sharma

    Gauhar is already 34 and she has done the roles of a dancer and she will never be successful as heroine. Big Boss can’t make anyone’s career as hero or heroine.

  • Sandeip Kapoor

    Oh yeah,. Boyfriend changer item girl ? Wow, I mean Wow ! Deepika, Kat, Aishwarya, Kareena and Priyanka must be watching this item girl doing bak bak bak bak bak bak even after coming out of BB house. 7 janam bhi le le toh bhi wo Deepika etc ke paav ki dhool bhi nahi ban sakti. Har kisiki apni ek aukaat hoti hai, use bhulna nahi chiye. This chepo item girl might have won some prize money but she is definitely getting lots of negative publicity on social media and the net, which will harm her future prospects. She lied about her age on national television and kept yelling and yanking in the BB house. What was she doing in the bathroom for 20 minutes in the bathroom with Khujal Kaliya. Need I say more ? At the most she can marry some underworld don from Dubai like Monika Bedi. She is no better than Sunny Leone, Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey, Manyata Dutt etc. She is in the same category. Nautankibaaz. After all aukaat nahi badal sakti iski chahe 10 baar TV show jeet le. 34 saal ki budhhi loving a 28 saal ka bachha. Ho ho ho. She blatantly used words like Padna, Hugna, Peshaab, Thuu etc. on a family show like BB7. Shows her Ghaati family upbringing. Currently she on a honeymoon with Khujal Kaliya in Goa. God bless viewers of BB7.