Will Chennai Express break box office records?

Chennai Express Tarot prediction

Our Tarot card reader Shruti Chopra finds out if Shahrukh Khan-Deepika Padukone recreate the magic of Om Shanti Om

Just like you, we too are curious to know if the next big release of the year – Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone – will manage to impress us. So we asked our tarot reader to peep into the future and tell us what the fate of this big budget flick will be.

BollywoodLife (BL): Will Deepika and Shahrukh recreate the magic of Om Shanti Om with Chennai Express?

Shruti Chopra (SC): Shahrukh and Deepika have very strong individual personalities, yet in Chennai Express you will not see these individuals – you will see their characters. Their characterisations will be fun, relatable and energetic. So, yes they will recreate the magic of Om Shanti Om, but what will be different is the ease with which they will act with each other. Their chemistry will be pleasing to watch.

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BL: Will Chennai Express work at the box office?

SC: Chennai Express will have a good opening; it will pull in crowds of all kinds – from the single screen viewers to multiples audiences, and even those who are not necessarily fans of such films. A lot of this will be because of SRK and Deepika, but also because of the genre and style of film making. The energy and madness of CE will keep people interested. It will be foolish for audiences to look for logic and reasoning.

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BL: Will Rohit Shetty continue with his great track record at the box office?

SC: Ruled by number 5, Rohit Shetty is balanced and comfortable with his filmmaking. He understands what works for him and what would work for the audiences. These qualities play an important role in making his films successful. Chennai Express will be no different. It’s a movie that will maintain what he has achieved, and take him a step further in his career.

Tarot Tip: Rohit Shetty should look to re-visit some of his old ideas – there are some hidden story concepts that will propel his career much higher and further than before. 2014 will be the perfect year to do so.

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  • Dushyant Rana

    yes chennai express will be record 400 crors overseas worldwide & domestic 250 crors

  • AaJee G ..

    I lv u srk .. U r rock ..

  • AaJee G ..

    I lv srk .. u will rock in the b0x office ..

  • mokham

    450 crores worldwide collection n 280 crores domestic collection just wait n see!

    • Anoop

      I hope so that this film will rock.

  • zulqar britian

    king of cinema ,srk makes 400 crore or not, he wil remain king of cinema

  • ali sher

    shahid afridi and king khan rule pak and india

  • Anoop

    yes …..ofcourse the magic of Diipy’s and SRK will hit the cinema..and it’ll get rock.

  • rohit behera

    srk the king of bollywood the collected world wide 300 crored.i love srk u are rock.

  • Rocky faltu

    Yes week one is expected the occupancies of 90% through out the india, That will lead it to collect 190-225 crores in First week it self My predection :

    Week One : 180 cr
    Week Two : 125 cr
    Week Three : 90 Cr
    Week Four : 65 cr
    Week Five : 40 cr
    Week Six : 28 Cr
    Week Seven : 19 Cr
    Week Eight : 10 cr
    Week Nine : 5 cr
    Week Ten : 14 cr
    Week Eleven : 20 cr
    Week Twelve : 4 cr
    Week Thirteen : 2 cr
    Remaining weeks : 3 crores

    Lifetime : 600-610 cr in worst condition, with extremely positive word of mouth it can touch to 1000 cr

    • Binetesh

      It can reach up to 250crs lifetime….

  • siddharth

    blockbuster ce will beat 3 idiots

  • sourav

    king black be alert.we are u srk