Will Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali return with a new season?

Will Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali return with a new season?

The seven-year running show has finally shut shop

Recent rumours suggest that Sony TV’s popular show, Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali is finally getting affected by Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Nights with Kapil’s soaring popularity.

Last week the creatives of the show decided to end Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali due to low TRPs. Several actors on the show were told that the standup comic show will return after two months in a new avatar. What we found strange was that the decision was made very suddenly without any prior warning. More to that, the Comedy Circus sets have already been dismantled – which is a clear indication that the show has ended.

RJ Mantra and Krushna Abhishek, who have been part of Comedy Circus since ages, were waiting for a call for the shoot when they were told that the makers are pulling the plug. The actors told media that they’ve been told that the show will return after two months. Somehow, we find that a little difficult to digest. They already have a bank of episodes which will last the month and then a new show will probably take over the time slot.

Why we believe that Sony TV will not come back with another season of Comedy Circus is mainly ‘coz the numbers are not too supportive of the idea. The channel has been getting the lowest numbers amongst the Hindi GECs. In addition to that, Comedy Circus, which used to be the ideal comedy show, has not doing remotely good to as what CNWK or Mad in India is doing. Guess the makers truly have no option. What do you think BollywoodLifers, will Comedy Circus make a comeback?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • mansi

    yes yes yes…Comedy circus will bounce back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I love thise show

  • Nabin Sundar Nayak

    superb show … I loved it… Plz Come Back Soon………………………….

  • kumud

    please come back realy good comedy show aur kapil bhi to isi show se famous hua hai

  • Anin1108

    So sorry to hear this…comedy circus should come back! Loved all the comedians and the judges…!

  • AG

    don’t compare this show with Kapil’s or MAD….Each is a good show; but comedy circus is unmatched, higher and much, much, much superior than the other two…..

    • AD

      If u want then don’t compare but the public of India for whom tv shows are created shows that Comedy Nights With Kapil is now the best comedy show in India. So, if u like it or not it’s true.

    • Sar

      I agree . Please start the show

  • Karan

    This was my favorite comedy show :(

  • subhash

    i want the show back…..nahi toh main duniya ko aag laga dunga !!!!

  • sintu singh

    :’( This news made me sad!

  • Swapnil

    I would want comedy circus to come back, it’s the best indian comedy show I have ever seen. The CNWK on colors is junk, comedy circus is lot better than that and can and will bounce back. I hope the makers of comedy circus should take this into consideration and bring the series back.

  • chetan

    dear All, we need comedy circus is back on tv show.it is most popular comedy circus in india.

    please ,start comedy circus asap.

  • Harish Pawar

    I love comedy circus show and I watched all comedy circus show in Sony TV and I download all my favorites episodes from internet more than 15GB and daily once I come from office I watch comedy circus which I download in my mobile more than 4hrs to 5hrs. same episodes I am watching pls pls pls I requested to Sony channel and Mr. Vipul Shah to restart the comedy circus again, specially I watch Krishna, sudesh, mantra and last how I miss Mr. Sohail Khan and Miss Arcana Queen of laughter. Comedy Circus is one of the number one show in world and Kapil show is one of the pakaho and bakwas show in Asia………………………………………………

  • Eskay-BBSR

    I also love Comedy Circus, but they should move to another channel as their shows were getting canceled every now and then because of movies shown on Sony at that time slot. It is high time CC should think about their own future instead of loyalty to one channel as the channel doesn’t care about them anymore.

  • susan

    i miss comedy circus..i hav been watching it since season 1…..:( i hope d show will be back….

    • gopal

      Yes, I do love the show and want it bounce back as soon as possible…. dying to watch it again

  • Deepak

    i love this show… put it back on sony…or we will watch the same actors on colors / zee soon.

  • ayaz

    kapil sharma got fame via comedy circus and copying the legend umer shareef. it is not good to end a show due to a person who was built by the same program. come back comedy circus.

  • bhoj vikram karki

    iam from korea …… but not a korean i like comedy circus…. i think it will be back……
    kapil famous all about three things which is …. his grandmom dadi.(ali) … his wife (sumona) and his padoshee (kiku) ….. every body whom watch comedy night with kapil…. you all notic his all pounch in that three people……. more than 15 pounch in his wife lips….. more than 10 ,, in ,, fatness…kiku…… and dadi also…………. and his poorness………………. that thing always repeat and repeat……. o its so boring ………… this show famous bcoz of celibreti …….. if comedy circus new season with new set…. and not a more member than its will be sucess ……. krushna sudesh bharti shiddarth not a black ….. if shiddarth host new season like kapil than its batter than kapil……. and muveen….. just ……

    • RD

      Yes u r absolutely right. Siddharth is really a great comedian…in fact he’s my fav…I believe if they all get a platform like CNWK they’ll outshine. Its absolutely right that CNWK owes more than half of its popularity due to celebrities. No doubt kapil is a good comedian but just bcuz he has trp doesn’t mean CC shud end. But alas! It ended..maybe they don’t know there are thousands of ppl who loved the show. Nowadays I think even CNWK is getting boring with a kind of repeated topics and jokes…but CC always had smthin really fresh to it….gosh I miss the show soooooooo much…

  • Hafiz Muhammadi

    Agar comedy circus na hota tu Kapil Sharma na hota……………..
    So comedy night not bad, but comedy circus is great show, We are missing to our lovely comedy show (Comedy Circus)

  • tammana

    i love this show…. yaar… :(

  • Khan

    Comedy circus IS the best.

  • Kapil

    Everyone wants the show…

  • http://amitdeopanwar.com/ Amit Deo Panwar


    TRP going down due to kapil’s show is foolish thought :D

    Kapil is a good comedian but he fails to hold the charm in his own show what he used to have while doing COMEDY CIRCUS acts.

    In kapil’s show there is only one flavor, Kapil, Kapil and Kapil. Comedy circus had all flavors and sudesh krishna are certainly no where less than kapil.

    Kapil seemed brighter no doubt on the comedy circus show but he has lost his glow on his own show and without any fair competition. I wish Comedy Circus guys could start comedy circus again that would be great. I never liked Kapil’s show and has always been a fan of comedy circus. Kapil is good only if he is on comedy circus else he is useless. People will take time to realize it but it is the only truth. Kapil’s CNK fans have a look at kapil’s act on comedy circus and compare to them with CNK’s episodes you will find more entertaining kapil in Comedy Circus than in CNK. If you are watching CNK for celebrities, better watch coffee with karan. There is no point of inviting celebrities on show and having non-humorous chats with them on a COMEDY SHOW which is meant only for laughing.

  • Robin

    Comedy Circus is a best show ever and should be back… no any show can stand in front of comedy circus…

  • RR

    This was one show where we had continuous laughter and various variety of punches and characters with brilliant comedians. I really want this show to start again with those same old funniest comedians who used to bring wide smiles on our faces.

  • RD

    I actually miss comedy circus a lot though CNWK is a good show…I guess that charm of comedy circus can’t be found anywhere. I’ve also noticed several times that some jokes of CNWK are copied from CC. I felt really sad when CC ended abruotly…first kapil left and then even though the show continued, it came to an end. I really miss sohail and archana.