Will Deepika Padukone beat Kareena Kapoor Khan even in the mujra act?

Will Deepika Padukone beat Kareena Kapoor Khan even in the mujra act?
Yogen Shah

Dippy is all set to learn mujra for SLB’s next magnum opus Bajirao Mastani which also stars her alleged beau Ranveer. Considering that the dusky beauty is a great dancer, we are sure it will be a treat to watch her do mujra on the big screen. But will she outdo Bebo in this case too?

Deepika Padukone is undoubtedly one of the finest actors in Bollywood at the moment. Her flawless performance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Golyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela not only won her accolades but has also made her the flavour of this season. No wonder, she landed Bhansali’s next magnum opus Bajirao Mastani as well. But besides charming the audience with her acting prowess, Deepika impressed everyone with her garba act in Ram-Leela. The leggy lass did master the art of garba and how, we all know, hai na? And now we hear that SLB has asked her onscreen Mastani to learn mujra for their next film together. Apparently, the Bajirao Mastani director will have two beautiful songs choreographed on Ms Padukone. We aren’t surprised coz like Aamir Khan even Sanjay Bhansali is a perfectionist, right? Didn’t we see the dhak dhak girl Madhuri Dixit Nene do mujra in SLB’s critically acclaimed film Devdas?

But what’s interesting is that DP’s contemporary Kareena Kapoor Khan had also done mujra not too long ago for Agent Vinod which starred her hubby Saif Ali Khan. Knowing that these two ladies like to keep up in the race, it would be interesting to see who wins this time around. While KKK was just about good in Dil mera muft ka, we just can’t wait to see Ranveer Singh’s ladylove set the screen ablaze with her mujra act. Going by her recent track record in acting and dancing, we are sure Deepika would ace this one too. As for the Gabbar starlet, guess the dimpled actor is not only giving her tough competition but is walking away with the cake every time.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • kkk

    wat when did deepika beat kareena ??? when deepika was sucking cocks in her school kareena was the queen of bollywood now after giving four hits in a row u mad haters begin to love her should i remind u when deepika mde her debut u people criticized her for her acting only three k’s r considered real actress kareena,katrina and kanana ur despo deepika is also a good actress but the desperate actress ever

    • Terminator

      Plz dude katrina an actress? u must be joking ..i know deepika is overhyped but she is still a way better actress than katrina.. Deepika deserved all the praises she is getting after all the hardwork she has done but the only problem is that people are overhyping her.

      • Iman Ali

        Deepika gave four hits in 2013, she will give four flopps this year, n all coming films nxt would be big flopps. what she has deliverd fake accent in chinae bkwass express . naina character didn’t delivr so much any other actress can do that. yeh jawani h diwanii bkwass comedy romance is average in it. ram leela romance but paindo actions leela shooting with gun ,this is action? fazzooolllll. worst year of bollywood. koe movie kam ki ni thi. dhoom 3 is only good film in 2013.Katrina k dance k sth no comparison. she is far more big star n personality.

    • Maya

      You are indeed a sad and wretched person. The hatred you feel is palpable. What you are saying does not affect Deepika at all… you are only hurting yourself with this hatred. I hope you realise this before it’s too late.

      • kkk

        wat r u nuts?? can’t u see who is hater this site is such a crap they never post anything against deepika all the time they post against kareena and katrina

  • Terminator

    This is height of stupidity!!! Deepika had a great year but she is still nothing in front of kareena…

    Deepika is one of the most complex personalities i have ever seen..Last season in KWK she came and behaved immaturely and unprofessionally and Tear apart R.K. All big stars have went through breakup like salman,shahid,john but none beahved in that manner .

    And now she has no regrets about it and behaving like a nun..”I can’t invest emotionally now”.She still has that RK tatto for what ?First u insult your love to infinite limits and still potray that he is still special to you.

    Who cares about 4 100 crores in 1 year.. even sonakshi did 3 100 crores film in 2012 so what ?

    Yet the award went to Vidya balan..

    Deepika in 2013 honestly didn’t had any competition except for sonakshi…she was competing with actresses such as sonam kapoor,sharadha kapoor,parineeti chopra for best actress..Do you think an average actress like deepika would hv won a prestigious award like Filmfare if priyanka,vidya ,kareena had a good year…

    Vidya,kajol ,kareena can still do better than these casting couch actresses like deepika,anushka,katrina.

    • Iman Ali

      ther is no comparison between katrina kaif n depka. HNY will be big flopp of the year. depka cant deliver anything new just smile n black skin. srk n depka n farah khan ceating dhoom3 strategies for HNY. but we know farah khans direction :p

      • Iffat

        Oh my goodness Mr. Ali, how cheap and sad can you get. You are a disgrace to humanity. Black skin? We indians should be ashamed to have people like you as a citizen. The only person who is affected by the venom you spout is yourself. Think about it.

        • Rani

          I absolutely agree with you, Iffat. I think Mr. Ali needs some serious help. He is indeed a sad human being.

      • guest

        well said mr.ali i commend u for this comment + 10000000000 likes

  • Julia

    Why pitch too talented actors against each other like this. Deepika is a wonderful actress and she has always maintained that Kareena is exceptionally good. Don’t be horrible Bollywoodlife and generate anger and hatred like this.

  • Damian

    Deepika is fabulous and so is Kareena (if she keeps her mouth shut).

  • yazz

    Priyanka is the best actress qween of bollywood n the best dancer diva singer she rules while deepika is nice n is improving in her acting

  • Oumou Sall

    C’est tous bollywood ça! à 30 ans toute est fini pour les actrices, c’est à cause de ça que le cinéma indiennes est aussi nul, tous les rôle son jouer par des jeunes starlettes pistonner et inexpérimenté.

  • rohiiijeee

    deepika and kareena probably have S-E-X-Y P-U-S-S-I-E-S. but please dont call them actors. There are only 2 actresses in bollywood who can carry a film on their own shoulders: Vidya Balan and Kangana Ranaut. Most actresses keep piggybacking time and again on a male star…..then 5 years later start complaining that bollywood is male-dominated