Will ‘Dekha Ek Khwaab’ go off air?

Will ‘Dekha Ek Khwaab’ go off air?

The channel is not happy with the way the show has been performing. Neither are we, actually

A li’l birdie chirped the other day that Aruna Irani’s TV show Dekha Ek Khwaab is going off air soon. Apparently the channelwallahs don’t like the fact that the show has failed to increase ratings. As of the week ending May 19, Sony is at fourth position, behind Star Plus, Zee and even Colors. DEK replaced Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 last November and in the months since it has not been able to fill the game show’s big shoes. Or even any other show’s much smaller shoes. Since Sony doesn’t have Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa to bank on any more – Colors has bagged it this season – the channel needs daily soaps to engage its viewers. Something like Byaah Hamari Bahu Ka, whose promos have already made viewers curious enough to tune in. Kuch Toh Log Kahenge has been shifted to make space for BHBK, Adaalat has been rescheduled for the sake of Indian Idol 6. But since its ratings are not in the same league as that of the other two shows, DEK will have to bow out altogether in favour of a more interesting show.

Frankly, we are glad. DEK is a drag. From the time the first promo aired, we knew that Moniya was going to be crowned Princess Maanayata. But it took seven long months for it to happen. When Udaybeer killed Akaash, we were relieved. Finally, the most insipid character on th eshow is bumped off! Only now Akaash has come back as a rude, arrogant lookalike Aryan Rai Choudhury and is even worse than his first avatar. The storyline is going nowhere and Rajmata’s machinations are yawn inducing. It’s time the show wrapped up and made way for KBC 6.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • samartha

    aisa mat karo ek yahi serial hai jo main dekhti hoon

    • renu dubey

      pls dont close this serial i luv to watch udayveer n manyata together they make a great pair bas us akash ko hata do serial ki trp ratings badh jayegi

  • priyanka

    ye serial mujhe bohot pasand hai pls isse aise hi chalne do

  • priyashi

    r u gone mad closing such an amazing show

  • anjali

    its my favouraite show aur abhi to isme itna bada twist hai pls dont let it go off air . if u want TRP ratings to go high aakash aka aryan ko gayab kar do

    • jyoti yadav

      i like this serial very much .please dont close it .and us akash ya aryan ko serial se out kar do i dont like him.

  • aarti

    change the timinngs but not close the serial

  • soniya

    R u gone mad ek hi to serial jo vo saas bahu type serial jaisa nahi hai aur aap use bhi band kardo

  • kruti

    time change karo serial mat band karo

  • gp

    pllllsssss dont close it

  • madhuri

    pllllllllllllllllllssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss dont close the serial

  • rohan

    nahi yaar aap log aisa nahin kar sakte

  • Uday

    I like the serial very much.
    Uday and manyata pair was awesome. Pls don’t ise nahi panth karoe.

  • INDU


  • parth

    dont dare u all do that. I like Uday and Maanyata as a pair and want to see their love story

  • rajee

    don’t do that pls.we all like DEK so much.this is the only serial thats interesting in sony.pls don’t stop it.& its getting interested nowadays.pls do say its gonna stop….

    • rajee

      yes,der must b sme mistake in d TRP ratings.hw cud DEK’s ratings b so less.its only b’coz of load shedding or smthing else.pls dn’t take of d serial.pls…..

  • chandana

    plz dont close the seria

  • Jazz

    Maybe if the creators of DEK gave the public what they wanted then the ratings will increase.Change Manyata’s attitude towards Uday and make her fall in love with him.This is supposed to be a fairytale,give us a fairytale with the prince and princess.Turn Aryan into the villain.This serial has alot of potential if it takes a different turn.Please consider this.

  • Jazz

    If the writers don’t know how to take the story forward maybe they should ask the public for there views and take that into consideration.The idea is to keep the public interested.This is the only serial I watch and I would be disappointed if it went of air.

  • nabila

    If dekha ek khwaab goes off air then sony tv will loose trp! caz its the only show which i think people watch in sony(among the serial’s! its my Favorite show! plz dont stop the show !!! its the nly interesting show on sony!!

  • rhea

    please don’t stop the show.it is my favorite.the show has a very good potential to do well.please make manyata fall for uday and turn aryan into villain.i love DEK.

  • Archi

    Dek is the best show I’ve ever seen. It’s quite different fron Indian drama serial catagory. That’s why viewer’s are taking time to accept it. I watch sony channel just for this show. But there is a problem of timing cv’s should change the time slot because 8:30 is a challenging time. Dek’s time should be replaced with Parvorish or KHTV.

  • ashish kapoor

    i love dek……………..
    its 2222222222222 interesting and unique nat like the ypical sas bahu serials nd i love the y priyal and ashish fight with each other but i really hate jainandini asd she is a wamp………………..

    i sometimes have bad and horror dreams of jehhhhhhhhh baeting manyata and uday and also marrying uday and then murdering him…………………

    if jeh is out , serial is gonna rock……….

  • jjjj

    dek is my most most most favorite show..and these days its story is going in right direction..this show is totally different and i don’t think dat in future any such kinda show will ever come. let us watch it more n more…so plz save it and stop saying all such rubbish about this GREAT SHOW..

  • kb

    Thanks , will be awaiting for some entertaining serials

  • abraj khan

    plz serial baand na karo ek hi tu change serial hai saas bhau se hat kar plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont stop

  • abraj khan

    plz serial band na karo time change kar do ilov this seriar

  • Miyu

    Frankly I think DEK has no logic at all. Manyata is absolutely senseless with no “princess”-like aura,Jay is the usual bossy evil “Cinderella’s step-sis”, Rajmata is out of scene, Maharaj looks commoner than common man, Akash/Aryan has become more irritating, and Uday chooses to lose his faith on Manyata at the most vital time when she just started feeling for him …… SO S-T-U-P-I-D !!!!

    The theme was wonderful, DEK started well ,nice casting, excellent acting… DEK could have been a blast; but sadly the plot is so boring and absurd it has go off air soon.

    What waste of such wonderful screen-couple !

    • bigtime997

      This is the most boring show I have ever seen…..ohhhh common the pair of man veer was perfect like made for each other but I just don’t understand that why than ugly akash/ aryan is still in the show and why can’manyata doesnot understand thatakash is no good for anybody.. I see only one reason for low TRP for this show and that is AKASH…..I STOPPED WATCHING the show coz they brought aryan as I feel manuata

  • Manesha

    Please continue Dekha Ek Khwaab it’s a really nice fictional story which almost everyone likes, and I would love to see more of it.

  • Romeeza

    Dekha Ek Kwaab is a really nice series please don’t take it off,not for me but also for other viewers who really wanna see more manveer jodi please!!!!!!!!

  • kittu

    please don,t replace dek if it is taking the down so replace any other show instead of DEK like saas bina sasural,kya hua tera vaada,etc.but don,t end this plzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………….just becoz of youngsters happiness plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….don,t end this show….

  • Krutika

    How can u seriously speak so rubbish? We all wanna see dek so stop speaking all rubbish n just shift it 2 either 7:30 pm or 7:00pm dek’s pair Manveer is liked by all

  • zubi daisy

    plzzzzzzzzzzz don’t stop dheka ek khwab……rehne do

  • Mahi

    Please don’t stop dekha ek khwaab.Welike this show very very much.We like the couple of Maanayta and Udayveer.You can create some twist in this show but please don’t stop it.

  • Simran Sandhu :)

    i can’t believe it DEK has the second highest TRP’s after bade ache lagte hain. and sony is making it go off air, no ways! plus uday and manyata pair is really likes, and this makes me mad and you guys talk so rudely about this show, you shouldn;t!!! this was one of my favorite shows and i really don’t it to end!!

  • yuvraj akshay

    pliz dnt end DEK i love the show dnt listen to wat others say listern to us fans WE LOVE THE SHOW