Will Elli Avram be Salman Khan’s next lady ‘friend’?

Will Elli Avram star in Salman Khan's next?
Yogen Shah

Before your thoughts go wildly wicked, let us clarify – we are wondering if Elli Avram will be Salman’s next heroine. Yes, we know Elli is new to B-town and not a recognisable face…yet… but wethinks a certain something could work in her favour and land her Sallu’s next film….

For all those who have no clue who Elli Avram is, the model-actor is from Sweden and makes her Bollywood debut with Mickey Virus as Manish Paul’s co-star. But what makes us focus on her is that she recently entered the madcap house of Bigg Boss Saath 7. Yes, the firang babe who got Salman Khan so excited during the premiere of the reality show that the bhai of Bollywood started singing Tujhe dekh ke kehta hai ye mann, kahin aaj kissi se mohabaat no ho jaaye. And the praising session from Sallu didn’t stop with that gaana. While introducing Elli to viewers Salman said, ‘Yeh newcomer hain…wow, what a comer!’ Sallu miyaan, did you mean ‘comer’ or ‘kamar‘? The Dabangg dude was on a roll…ahem, ahem…. while talking to the pretty lady – if you saw the show, you’ll know what we mean by that. But what really impressed Mr Khan was Elli’s fluent Hindi, which left us kinda stunned too.

Hey, c’mon, we all know Salman’s fascination with white-skinned women. Plus, launching newbies in B-town is his favourite…err…thing, besides acting, hai na? With Salman already going oye hoye over Elli, wethinks this firang babe has a very  bright chance to star opposite the superbrat sooner rather than later. Isn’t Sana Khan, former Big Boss contestant, starring (well, kind of) in Salman’s next, directed by Sohail Khan? While that was unexpected, Elli is more Sallu’s ‘type’ – she is a foreign import, speaks shuddh Hindi and from certain angles even looks like Katrina Kaif (if you half close your eyes, that is). And after his choice of Sneha Ullal (who starred in Lucky) and Zarine Khan (who starred in Veer) once he broke up with Aishwarya Rai, the Elli connection is almost a given, wethinks. Don’t you agree?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • AD

    Even i think so… salman eli connection is so obvious on screen…eli will go far beyong movie roles.. may be in house of big boss host

    • nada

      u r right

  • nyaasa

    She looks fabulous ..we would like 2 see her in sallu’s next movie..stunning dancer.. y media makes crap news..v r nt mad

  • Neka

    Salman why are yon don’t talk eli.please talk to eli please……

  • abhishek

    she looks better dan katrina and surely she will be salman’s lady soon

  • Atul Arya

    Elli is so beautiful ….Salman bhai she is best for You….we r wtng to see ur lyf prtner…

  • sapan

    ya .I think salman and elli looks .husband and wife