Will Gauahar Khan quit Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 after Ajaz Khan enters the show?

Will Gauahar Khan quit Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 after Ajaz Khan enters the show?

The recent twist in the adventure reality show has not gone down too well with Gauahar, it seems

It’s time for us to relive some moments from Bigg Boss 7 as Ajaz Khan, who was accused of creating misunderstandings between the lovebirds – Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan during their stay in the glass walled house, is now back into their lives. This time through Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 5. Yes, if the recent reports are anything to go by then Ajaz is all set to enter the adventure reality show, which is currently being shot in South Africa. This news comes right after the development of Kushal quitting the show due to a shoulder injury. “Kushal was not supposed to participate, but he eventually did. Now after this latest injury, he was left with no choice but to exit the show as advised by the doctors,” a source was quoted by a leading daily.

Interestingly, like Bigg Boss 7, Ajaz will enter KKK soon after Kushal’s exit. But wait there is some more. According to the grapevine, Gauahar has threatened to quit the show if Ajaz enters. Looks like, the Bigg Boss 7 winner is still upset with Ajaz for his antics in the glass walled house.

Anyway, whether Gauahar will leave the show or no is yet to be seen. Meanwhile you tell us, should she say alvida to KKK after Ajaz enters the show?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Tushar

    This creep is back.
    Definitely not watching KKK now.

  • piya

    she is a drag queen, who needs all the attention.

    • Billu Bhatta

      Gauahar is right to do that, drag queen!

  • samena

    i knew that mentally retarded kushal u do that.gobar was nt in news fr many days.publicity.where r her mad fans who wud run after everyone who wrote abt her?paid pr?paymnt nahi mle///

    • aashi

      Samena seems kamena….u bitch

  • guest

    Gauhar don’t do it! We love you and I don’t want you quit for a creepy douche!

  • aditya naik

    gauhar is jealous of ajaz, he flirts her he is very cute, uski baatei use fanaa karti hai, she is afraid that she would not fall in love with him, bcoz he is father of one child? might be..
    if gauhar leaves the show than its sure that gauhar is afraid of him and his shayaris his cute flirting words. gauhar common yaar khushal se pyaar karti hona tumhe apne aap pe confidence nai hai kya? dont run away kabtak bhagogi ajay bhai se? he is a good man than khushal tandon.

    • rajiv

      Oh it seems like u r the only relative of azaz Khan who is bcming his lawyer…dnt judge anybody u scoundrel its gud for u

    • Billu Bhatta

      Ajaz is just like a hungry dog after Gauahar, even in KKK!

    • Billu Bhatta

      Jealous of Ajaz? Are you mad!!

  • ravina

    We love u gauhar dnt leave the show bcz of that donkey….n baby u r the queen…<3

  • taiba mir

    yaq gober u ugly i hate u sooooooooo m kota