Will Girish Kumar be a successful Bollywood star?

Girish Kumar Taurani debuts in Prabhu Deva’s Ramaiya Vastavaiya this Friday. Will his foray into films be easy? Will success come naturally to him? Or will audiences find him hard to accept? Our Tarot reader gives all the answers

It is always hard being a newcomer in any field of work, but in Bollywood it is probably a bit tougher – you are judged on how you walk, talk, dance, fight, emote and much more. The Ten of Swords further expresses how these requirements will challenge Girish Kumar, who debuts in Prabhu Deva’s Ramaiya Vastavaiya on July 19. Audiences will take some time to grow into his natural style and he too will take some time to groom himself to a formula that will make him successful. But successful he will be. The Emperor and Chariot both emphasises the command he will have over his skills and the balance he will show as an actor.

Glimpses of this will be seen in his debut film. At the box office, Ramaiya Vastavaiya will have a confident start but the Eight of Pentacles does show that maintaining the early momentum will be tough. The promise shown by Girish will be appreciated more; his abilities will be spoken of and his innocence will be liked.

The Nine of Cups and the Strength card depict his future as an actor to be successful and well planned. His acting abilities will not be so much of a problem as will understanding his true personality be. Being ruled by number 5, Girish is a grounded and stable individual, but he will be hesitant to be himself, hence his natural personality will take time to show up. This is an area where he will need to work harder, otherwise his silence will be misconstrued – the longer the delay the longer the misconceptions about him will grow. The Nine of Swords explains that this area of his personality/brand building will cause him sleepless nights, but it will be important for him to package himself better.

2014 will bring with it some positive but uncomfortable changes; a time when Girish will second guess his decisions, but as the year progresses he will need to embrace the changes as they will eventually work in his favour. Being a Sagittarian entering a tough 2014, it will also be important for him to maintain a calmer temperament in his personal and professional life.

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