Will Imran say yes to ‘Delhi Belly’ sequel?

Unlike other Bollywoodwallahs Imran Khan doesn’t like remakes and sequels. Does that jeopardise part two of his first hit film of the year?

Almost everyone in Bollywood currently wants to rehash tried and tested films, but the Delhi Belly actor, who loves to be different, runs miles away from the concept. When we asked Imran Khan his opinion on the current trend of remakes and sequels, the 28-year-old was candid, “Personally I’m not really in favour of remakes…I watch Sholay for Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra. I wouldn’t like anyone else doing that.” Does that mean he doesn’t approve of Mamujaan Aamir Khan’s Ghajini remake and his favourite actor Hrithik Roshan stepping into Amitabh Bachchan’s shoes in the modern version of Agneepath? We’ll tell you that when we find out. About sequels, Imran says, “Sometimes people make sequels unnecessarily…just because the film has worked. If it has a scope, like if it’s an action film or a superhero film, then I can understand. But it should not be made without a reason.” However, he makes an exception when it comes to his last film, Delhi Belly; Imran thinks it has scope for a sequel. As of now, Kiran Rao is developing the script and the young actor says he has to wait and watch to find out if he has a part in it. One hears that the Khan-lad is inspired by his perfectionist Mamujaan when it comes to saying yes to a film. So let’s hope Kiran and his idea of a sequel match.