Will Iulia Vantur become Mrs Salman Khan by end of this year?

Will Iulia Vantur become Mrs Salman Khan by end of this year?

Going by Dabangg Khan’s recent statements it does seem that Salman is finally planning to take the plunge. So will he? Won’t he? This time presumably he will…

We weren’t surprised to see Iulia Vantur in O Teri’s item number Ummbakkum. After all, Salman Khan has been trying his best to launch his alleged girlfriend in Bollywood for quite some time now. And though Elli Avram’s name was being considered for the same song, it was the Romanian beauty who sealed the deal. Now we really don’t need to explain why, hai na? That’s not all. The firang babe has even stayed with Khan’s parents at their Bandra residence and often visits SK’s house. Though reports did the rounds that Salman and Iulia had parted ways coz of former’s parents, the two had apparently never ended their relationship. We say so coz when Sallu miyaan went to Romania to shoot a song for his film Jai Ho, he made sure to meet his ladylove. So there is obviously more to this prem kahaani than what meets the eye.

Also, in a recent event, the Being Human actor hinted at a possibility of getting hitched. He said, “Now I’m in transit period and I like it. From the age of 15, I did not get a transit period. For the first time, I have such a chance to sigh. I am sighing more since it has been two-and-a-half years. It’s time to stop sighing because something soon will happen in my life. I follow humanity. I follow Islam, Christianity, and follow right things as much I can. I have been kind of blessed. Father is Pathan, mother is Hindu, second mother is Catholic, and brother-in-law is Punjabi. Wife, I am thinking to bring from outside.”

Salman further added, “When you are in a relationship you try everything to see that she doesn’t leave you. You try to be good. You give her a silent treatment. You yell, cry and when nothing works you say go. I thought they were the most correct people for me. Great girls bad boyfriend. I have not been like the most incredible boyfriend. I could be the friend and I have heard this from the ex-girlfriends also that (he is) a great friend but miserable boyfriend.”

Is the Kick actor trying to say that his ex-girlfriends Sangeeta Bijlani, Aishwarya Rai (now Bachchan) and Katrina Kaif weren’t meant to be with him? Could be but then we are glad that he has finally found Ms Perfect in Iulia. So we won’t be surprised if we hear wedding bells ringing in Khan-daan and the eternal bachelor of Bollywood giving up his single status by the end of 2014. What do you think Bollywoodlifers – will Salman-Iulia tie the knot this year?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Firoz

    I hope she is not a descendent of the original Vlad Dracul lineage from Romania,then it will be one teeth sinking wedding!Marrying a vampire bombshell has its advantages too,eternal youth & beauty forever,the most desired thing for any star, It would be a match made in heaven:-)

    • dana

      Iulia is from eastern Romania, not from Transylvannia (central Romania), so your Salman is safe :) ))

      • Firoz

        Good to know:)

  • sonali

    who said he is marrying her? it’s ur imagination!
    Hope he marries someone better! she doesn’t look good

  • maya

    sorry no one is interested in his marriage…let him to do whatever he want to do…pakao news..from decade.

  • maya

    it seen like making people fool for gain publicity..in news channels…if he select second hand material…then his selection is wrong.

  • Rose Oku

    leave salman alone……outside might mean not of the glamour world…..

  • Tia

    No women is good enough for Salman!! Salman Khan is one in a Million! no WOMEN CAN MATCH HIM.