Will Kangana Ranaut’s Revolver Rani release on time?

Kangy’s next film is supposed to release next month but looks like it may get delayed. Read on to know why…

Kangana Ranaut is currently riding high on the success of her last film Queen. After delivering a flawless performance in Vikas Bahl’s directorial venture, everybody is now looking forward to Ms Ranaut’s next film Revolver Rani. The trailer of Sai Kabir’s action comedy was released few days ago and Kangy looked promising as the leader of a political party. While Revolver Rani has already grabbed eyeballs, the film’s release may get delayed. We hear Shah Mohammed; the editor of Kangana’s flick has walked out from the project leaving the makers in a tough spot. Revolver Rani is scheduled to release on April 25 but the last minute ditch from the editor could create problems for the film, hai na?

Apparently, Shah left the film at the end of February coz of monetary issues. He worked on Revolver Rani a bit but put his foot down as he wasn’t getting paid. The makers reportedly tried to sort things out but Shah Mohammed wasn’t ready to settle for anything less than what was promised to him as his remuneration. Reportedly, Aarti Bajaj has been brought onboard to edit Revolver Rani. But will she meet the deadline and complete the film before its release date? We sure hope so coz we can’t wait to watch Kangana Ranaut has in store for us. What about you Bollywoodlifers?