Will Karan Johar cast Hrithik Roshan in the adaptation of ‘The Immortals of Meluha’?

Will Karan Johar cast Hrithik Roshan in the adaptation of ‘The Immortals of Meluha’?

After the super success of Agneepath that crossed the magical Rs 100-crore mark, Dharma Productions has a new favourite

Sometime back, filmmaker Karan Johar had posted a message on Twitter, saying, “People been asking about the “meluha” book..we are going to lock a director first..then start the screenplay work and then cast LORD SHIVA!” Since then, there have been speculations galore about who will play the role of the ‘God of Destruction’. KJo’s fave actors Shahrukh Khan as Lord Shiva and Kajol as Parvati seemed to be everyone’s guess, but if rumours are to be believed, the lead pair of the film will be none other than the Vijay Dinanath Chauhan of our times, Hrithik Roshan and his love interest in Agneepath, Kaali aka Priyanka Chopra.

The film is an adaptation of the book, The Immortals of Meluha, which is the first novel of the Shiva trilogy by Amish Tripathi. The story takes place in the imaginary land of Meluha and how the inhabitants are saved from wars by a nomad named Shiva. Buzz is that the execs at Dharma are keen on casting Duggu and Piggy Chops, because not only do they have a successful track record together, but also an on-screen chemistry which has been approved by the audience.

Also, some industry people were of the opinion that a Khan playing Lord Shiva might not go down well with the jingoists who are waiting for an opportunity to create a ruckus in the name of religion. Nothing has been confirmed regarding the casting, but we think Hrithik will be the perfect choice for playing Lord Shiva. Do you agree?

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  • Angel

    Make it happen…..Hrithik n priyanka is very perfect couple on screen…Love both of them…talented and versatile actor….priyanka…you go girl!!!!

    • sushant

      hrithik should not accept it, it will risk his career again.
      because i think mythological films don’t work this days.
      and btw the role doesn’t suits hrithik.

      • raj

        but only hrithik can do justice to this role

      • akshay singh

        which mythological indian film have you seen lately??
        movie will be a block buster weather hrithik do it or not.

        But i fell hrithik would not suit the character it should be some some who can put a life to the roll. hrithik does the act more divinely. It should be some one more human.we dont want a greek god their. after all story is about a normal man hoe became mahadev

        • ANON

          you shut up loser,only hrithik suits this role of LORD SHIVA

    • akshay singh

      priyanka will be more suitable for anandamayi i think. shes hot as hell

      • ashok

        I was always wondering who would be doing the Anandmayi character, because it is a fine line between sexuality and sensuality. I could not yet come up with anyone. But, PC might suit this, any other options?

  • Diana Stevenson

    Yes, Hrithik Roshan is the perfect choice for Lord Shiva – he has the required intensity, and he could do the combination of lover and ascetic better than any other actor!

  • Katherine

    I know this may sound left field but I wouldn’t mind seeing Hrithik & Kajol portray the roles.
    All K-Jo has to do is make this film relevant and engaging.

  • sandidi

    but will Suzanne allow hritik to star with piggy?

    • rani

      who is that ugly druge witch suzzan to stop him frm ‘romancing’ with gorgeous pc…hritihk should leave that loser suzzane soooooonnnnnn

  • jig’s

    hritik is perfect star “lord shiva”

    • Thash

      YES YES YES!!!

  • darkdevil

    @sushant…i think u r a boy still in the shell…mythological pics dnt hav scope,thats the greatest joke i hav ever heard….clash of titans,immortals,come to bwood ramayan animated..what u think abt their success…i would lik to see hritik in avatar of lord Shiv…

  • Thash

    YES!!! HRITHIK would be the best choice!!! Come on Karan, bring TIoM on with Duggu!!! SRK is a fantastic actor, but i can’t picture him as Lord Shiva, But Hrithik, after Agneepath, i say YES YES YES!!!!

  • babbig

    hrithik the perfect choice

  • Deepika

    Priyanka n Hrithik wowww.. The best jodi.. Only PC can do actions in tat movie.. Shes perfect..

  • sagar jadhav patil

    nice sir,9049588401

  • K.K.

    No one else can justify this role. Only Hrithik will do justice. I read the novel and it demands a person who looks like a warrior and handsome too with best acting skills. With all these qualities in one man who else than Hrothik Roshan in Bollywood. Every actor has some specific qualities but all these in one person – HRITHIK ROSHAN………………..
    First and last choice would be Hrithik Roshan.

  • Ankit Anwekar

    No Hritik cannot play the role of Lord Shiva, he is so perfactly fit for some other role in the same series, the role of NAGA which happens to be Lord Ganesh in The secret of nagas, and same goes with Priyanka she is not at all the discribed Sati in the novel…

  • Dipankar

    Yes definitely. Hrithik will be the perfect choice for the role of LORD SHIVA. Because he is not only good-looking, but also a terrific actor.

  • Rishabh

    Yes Definitely, Hrithik Is the perfect and the best actor for the role of the lord shiva. Hrithik only can justify this role very wall. No one can do thi sas well as Hrithik.
    so, hrithik is the best choice for this mythological film.
    i read this novel and it was awsome, so Hrithik can do very well.

  • Manvi

    Hrithik s da perfect choice

  • manav

    when i was reading the immortals of meluha,i thaught it wud b great if it wud b a movie (although i didnt knw kjo has already ownd the books right),i wud always think hrithik roshan as shiva…bt trust me when i say its gna b an adourous task to make it to the screens,.,.bt 1 way or another its gonna b blockbuster

  • Chetan dhake

    My favorite Hrithik is the perfect choice for lord shiva,
    and for lord parvati priyanka chopra & both are best but priyanka is most perfect…
    Wait for this…

  • Chetan dhake

    Only hrithik will do this role perfect…
    <3 u HR sirji…

    Duniya mai 1 hi star roshan hai,
    or o star hrithik roshan hai…

  • akshay singh

    i can already she trouble brewing up with widow status of sati and dialogue of anandamayi

  • Madan Mohan Mahanta

    i think after the super success of AGNEEPATH, Priyanka Chopra will be the perfect match as SATI against Hrithik Roshan….

  • chetan

    rhithik is by far the best choice. go for it karan. god bless u.

  • adhik

    for shiva hrithik is best choice but for sati dipika is better than priyanka.

  • rich

    yes..hrithik is best suitable for d role of shiva..and i think vidyuth jamwal is also kinda perfect…wat u say guyss???

  • rich

    and deepika will be more suitable dan priyanka i think..

  • T

    I want SRK and Kajol to do the roles.

  • Prasanna Bachchhav

    I think Hrithik would be best, and so would be, Priyanka.

  • Cattypuss

    If Hrithik Roshan snares this part just watch the cinemas go into meltdown!