Will Karan Johar make a good actor?

After donning various hats, the brains behind some of Bollywood’s most romantic and larger-than-life movies wants to turn to acting now

The one thing that reflects in all Karan Johar interviews is that he’s quite afraid of reaching a saturation point professionally. And we think when he’s on the verge of reaching that point, Mr Johar very strategically steps into domains that satiate his craving to do something creative work-wise. So after hosting a show over a cup of coffee, styling a couple of B-town hotties and loosening his purse strings as a producer, Karan who’s mainly known for being a behind-the-scenes guy now wants to flaunt his charm in front of the camera. Even though he has done a couple of cameos and special appearances, the My Name Is Khan director is not satisfied and wants something substantial on his resume. He wants to do an out-and-out commercial role as an actor and wants to win accolades and awards for it.

Although Johar still maintains that he was supremely embarrassed about his small role in DDLJ, we think the filmmaker does have a forte for comic roles. Witty remarks and sardonic barbs being his specialty, we think the filmmaker will surely excel if he plays such characters. What do you think?