Will Karan Johar pay Salman Khan to be on Koffee with Karan?

The unimaginable has happened! The Dabangg dude has agreed to be on Karan Johar’s popular chat show. We wonder if KJo has paid bhai to have a cup of coffee with him and spill the beans in exchange!

We all know how well does Karan Johar get along with B-town peeps. KJo might be very close to a certain King Khan of Bollywood, but the suave filmmaker is in the good books of most A-listers, thanks to his gift of the gab and his ‘friendly’ equation with the glitterati. No wonder that the Kapoors, the Bachchans and the Khans have repeatedly turned up on KJo’s popular chat show Koffe With Karan and have happily allowed the elegant host to extract some closely guarded secrets from their personal space. But one Khan who has remained aloof from the whole Koffee gala is Salman! And given SRK-KJo deep bonding, bhai never bothered to be on the glossy show to be with his arch rival’s best buddy.

But now the unimaginable has happened! A little birdie has chirped to us that the Dabangg dude has agreed to have a cup of steamy coffee with Karan. It was reported earlier that when Karan had expressed his wish of getting Sallu on his show, the superstar Khan had demanded Rs 50 lakh to chat with KJo. Apparently, Salman wanted that hefty amount for his charity organization Being Human. But in the recent past when KJo popped the question to bhai again on the sets of Jhalak Dikhhla Ja, the 48 year old actor nodded his head to suggest his agreement to be on show.

Now that makes us wonder if Sallu has shown his trademark large-heartedness to turn up on Koffe With Karan or has he bagged a ‘hefty’ deal to indulge in an hour long gossip with KJo? What do you think Bollywoodlifers?