Will Kareena Kapoor be able to balance her marriage and career?

Our Tarot reader predicts a year full of adjustments for Kareena Kapoor – her film Heroine will be a hit but she will have to work on her marriage. Read on for more

With the nearing of Heroine‘s release and the much awaited Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor wedding, how will it all shape up for Kareena Kapoor? What will her birthday year bring for her? Will she remain the reigning heroine? The cards delve into this busy time for Kareena.

Heroine, releasing on Kareena’s birthday is numerically a perfect combination for both Kareena and director Madhur Bhandarkar. Number 3, the planet of Jupiter brings with it great promises of success and wealth. To add to this, the Wheel of Fortune, the Queen of Swords and the Magician reflect the command Kareena will have over the film. She will own every frame and single-handedly see Heroine to box office success. In fact, this film will elevate the careers of many involved including the technicians associated with it.

Kareena in Heroine will exude such presence and with the High Priestess it marks a definite pinnacle in her career, with this film just being a catalyst for to blossom further. Her growth as an actor will touch many hearts and will make those closest to her very proud. Her performance will carry strong chances of her receiving the National Award, but will be a close call nevertheless.

The personal new phase in Kareena’s life will bring with it many adjustments and an importance of Chariot like balance and emphasis on the maintenance of marriage will be required. The achievement of this balance is still a journey for Saif-Kareena. The first year will require a lot of adjusting, but with the supportive Two of Cups, they will manage to see this through. The Page of Cups does reflect a lack of realism with their initial approach to marriage, but this will soon subside to see Hermit-like growth and positive transformations as a couple.

With the arrival of Kareena’s 32nd birthday on September 21, she will have to watch out for a tough year. The Ten, Three and Five of Swords all represent the mental struggles she would have to face.

Kareena would also need to be careful of what she says, as she may be misinterpreted. Also, her aggression may increase along with a rise in being more emotional than usual. Despite the immense hard work and some unnecessary struggles, Kareena will always find a way to show an Emperor-like determination and pull herself out.

Kareena has such strength and ability to adapt herself, the World card definitely shows her being on top of her profession, hence maintaining top Heroine status.