Will Kareena Kapoor Khan ever grow up?

Will Kareena Kapoor Khan ever grow up?
Yogen Shah

Besides making random, ironic and silly statements, Bebo is also known for not letting things go. To be specific, we mean making up with her rivals and staying cordial with them. This is something Saifu’s wifey may never learn. Read on to know why we say so…

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Priyanka Chopra have never been best friends and will never be. We all know that. But these two ladies can certainly be warm towards each other at least when they meet socially, hai na? Sadly this may too never happen courtesy Kareena’s I-won’t-grow-up attitude. Recently, Saif Ali Khan’s begum and the Exotic babe came face-to-face at IIFA awards 2014. Instead of acknowledging PC, we hear Ms Khan ignored her Aitraaz co-star making the situation quite awkward for both of them. That’s when Priyanka spotted Saif and rushed to greet him. He was standing next to Bebo and she could have easily broken the ice by saying a simple ‘hello’. But Kareena remained her usual self – arrogant and snooty. Well, we weren’t there but going by the story isn’t it obvious? Frankly speaking, wethinks the Gori Tere Pyaar Mein actor is just being childish. She has enough to worry about her going-down-the-hill filmi career then why complicate things further by creating unnecessary problems, right? And didn’t Kareen patched up with Ms Chopra sometime back? Gawd, it would be so much better if this begum would actually stick by her words and actions for once. But that’s like expecting Ekta Kapoor’s to turn into a fashionsita, no? Would take a eternity wethinks!

The Gabbar starlet may age gracefully and beautifully but she may never act her age. For now, we would be happy if she acts in good films more than anything else! Don’t you agree with us?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • JKhan

    fucking liers making up false stories!

  • JKhan

    Will YOU ever grow up?!

  • Nino

    Whatever you say dear, you have no power to bring the queen down. Bebo’s fan forever. Hahaha…..

  • julie

    she has already grown up and has left all of you behind ……would be nice if you can grow up and stop creating false rumors and tell your Priyanka to grow up and accept responsibility for her nasty actions against Bebo and stop running after them to show off her plastic fake face.

    • kkk

      well said this cheapika ki li life just became piggy ki life kareena did the right thing by shrugging the shoulders to priyanka i mean that pig is so shameless she doesn’t even mind sleeping with others for success and fame she didn’t even leave married men . No wonder why she doesn’t have a boyfriend i think everyone should stay away from plastic pig priyanka

      • Fake Kareena

        hahahaha.. …. Sleeping with Married man.. and Wat about Kareena?????. wat she did with Saif ALi Khan, World knows.. SO PR of kareena keep your mouth Shut..

        • kkk

          hahaha douchebag k agreed she slept with saif bcoz she married him u cunt so pr of pig chopra shut the fuck up

        • T32


  • EE

    Kareena’s attitude is like dog’s tail, it can never be straight . :D

    • neha

      hahahahaha.. Xactly

    • GUEST

      jerk u again u mr.dick r the only person who likes bollywood life’s articles a small piece of advice for u Put a condom on ur head bcoz if ur gonna act like a dick u might as well dress like 1 .

      • EE

        Ok, too bad you cant even do that , since you prob dont have one to begin with . Uneducated idiots like you using foul words belong in the slums , not public platforms

        • GUEST

          You are talking about education come on mr.dick i guess u were educated from a slum .I may live in a slum but i am not educated in a slum like u .I wish I had a lower I.Q., so that I could enjoy your company.

    • <3cppd<3

      hahaha ur so rite. a bitch will always remain one. Bitcheena the flopeena lol :P

      • rawgqw

        ya cheapika hahaahahh

  • Kaya

    The patch up story was when kareena had some movies and was still in running. Now she knows that PC is way ahead of her so it’s obvious that kareena show a snooty behavior due to jealous ness

  • Aaaglagaaoo

    wow Shit just got real

  • Julie Joesph

    Lol…The irony of Bollywoodlife asking someone to grow up!!!

  • VG_BeboFan

    Cheapika ki life.. get a life! You guys dun evn knw wat th story is, but will nt resist frm makng damn stories!

  • Bitchy

    Kareena is a history now. She is doing all these cheap stunts Like giving cold shoulders to PC , Greeting her ex for the first time etc just to remain in news…despo bebo or bimbo

  • ron

    so cheapika ki life turning into piggy ki life!! when did dat happen or did pr of piggy chops give more money to u than cheapika

  • <3cppd<3

    kkk is mentally affected with her bombing tanking flop career. dats why she is having fits. she needs serioud help.

  • <3cppd<3

    grow up flopeena. else you will stay like a child for ur upcoming babies!!! :P
    #ChildishnessOverloaded :P

  • <3cppd<3

    dats why i say she is such a drama queen. she always need to show attitude despite her disaster bombarding career, always make ironic comments on her comtemporaries like pc,dp,sona and many others!!!
    dats y every1 dnt give her a damn nowadays :P coz dey all know dat flopeena is mentally instable!!!

  • <3cppd<3

    dats y she is most hated actress ever!! #ArroganceKills

  • <3cppd<3

    randeena.com everywhere

  • <3cppd<3

    auntyji get up and shake ur tooh now….. #ToohnessOverabused :P

  • <3cppd<3

    one ov the fantastic writers of bollywoodlife is bollyb :D

  • <3cppd<3

    she is always seeking attention but nobody gives a fuck to her
    Poor pregnant aunty!!! :P

  • <3cppd<3

    Flopeena fans ki flop idol

  • <3cppd<3

    1 2 3…..wer is kkk????? ooopss no who is kkk??!! :P

  • <3cppd<3

    she should take some lessons from her sis in law kat. she shud learn frm her how to behave in events n also how to dress properly. kat if ever u r reading this(i hope so) plzzz make this flopeena a kareena. she needs lots of help #MentallyAffected

  • <3cppd<3

    bollywoodlife is the best.kudos to u guys :D

  • <3cppd<3

    kareena is still suffering from all the losses she faced by deepika. she deserves everything. very good that all directors are showing her the door. poor lady!!!
    long ago she was underestimating the same dp and now she is so desperate to be in the same league as her. #Patheticness
    by behaving with arrogance in events will not help u gain anything flopeena. mind this well!!!

    • E5U4


      • <3cppd<3

        How are you FLOPEENA??? wat r u doing nowadays?? still visiting sets of ur husband?? or u r still begging SLB???

  • <3cppd<3

    for all those saying cheapika!!! its better to be cheap rather than being a beggar and an ass licker!!!
    Begam bhikari of bwood!!!

  • <3cppd<3

    desperate miss whoreena!!! stay in ur limits tankeena!!!

  • eywy

    Bollywoodlife always writes shit about kareena. those who have brains will understand that they are paid to write shit about her

  • ShakuntelaOneandOnly

    Kareena is so immature and childish, no wonder she and Saif didn’t get invited to the after party organised by Hrithik at IIFA

  • MustaqS

    Using their hired PR machinery to get news into tabloids is nothing but spineless and lame.

  • umar jallo

    priyanka go an kill yourself cos everyone hate you ur ex abuse you and queen of bollywood divas ignore you please my dear go an seek for apology may she can forgive you darling

  • Sanjana

    I can’t believe you ppl r arguing Becuase of some false news and roumurs . Kareena and priyanka are both enjoying their life . And you guys faltu mein ek dosre ko galii deh rahe ho. Funny ppl . These reportes knows that ppl like u guys will read their rumoured news !!!! So stop guys , priyanka and karena r both actresses and doing fine I think lol

  • kiran

    Kareena is an uneducated low class loud mouthed bitch

  • Amit

    What a dumb talentless bitch Kareena is !