Will Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan get back together?

Aamir Khan recently said that he wants his good friend Salman and Dhoom:3 co-star Katrina to come back together in real life. Now we know something is brewing between Ms Kaif and Ranbir even though they will not admit it, but wethinks Aamir’s wish can actually come true. Why do we say so? Find out…

At the launch of the title track of Dhoom:3, Aamir Khan made it quite clear that he wants his buddy Salman Khan to get married… and not to anybody but his ex-flame Katrina Kaif. Despite all the hoopla around Kat and Ranbir Kapoor’s personal life, the Dhoom:3 baddie didn’t hesitate to speak his mind. Whether the indirect proposal was impromptu or planned we dunno, but frankly speaking we wouldn’t mind if Sallu and his Ek Tha Tiger co-star got back together. After all, the Dabangg Khan has always maintained that Katrina was, is and will always remain his friend. That’s not all! The two stars even recommend each other for films, we hear. Well, even best of friends in B-town don’t do that, hai na? So there is something special between the two. In fact, the Dhoom:3 babe celebrates most festivals with Salman’s khandaan even today, so long after Sallu and Kat stopped being an item. And we all know how the bhai of Bollywood keeps talking of his ex-girlfriend on Bigg Boss 7, no?

Ms K may be romantically involved with her Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani hero, but the duo is certainly having a tough time in their volatile relationship. After all, unless they keep flying across the globe to each other’s sets, they don’t get to meet, no? And if they are together, they need to do so much sneaking around, that it is bound to kinda strain their relationship. Also, the B-town beauty keeps repeating in her interviews that she is single, as does Ranbir. Maybe that’s coz she is insecure being in a relationship with Kapoor Jr, or not sure how permanent her status in his life is. Whether that comes from his past or something – or someone – that he is into these days, we have no clue. Even if we did, we ain’t gonna give it away so soon. But it gives us one more reason to believe that Aamir’s wish may turn into a reality…in the future.

PS: If this happens and Salman and Katrina do become a jodi once again, then Ranbir sure needs to worry – he is losing all the good girls to other men! Lekin Deepika Padukone hamesha hai, na….