Will Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’ work in Dubai?

There’s a line in the movie that people in Dubai have found offensive. And since the city is a big market for Hindi movies, we can only imagine the kind of losses Heroine would suffer if people in the Emirates decided not to watch it 

“Heroine Dubai gayi toh uska rate card ban jata hai (If the heroine goes to Dubai, people create a rate card for her)” – as Kareena Kapoor mouths this dramatic dialogue in the promos of Heroine, people in UAE are feeling hurt; they think it does not show Dubai in a good light. Despite the fact that many Bollywood celebs have their own flats in the city,  people there are wondering why B-town still portrays Dubai as a hub of immoral activity. Now we hear that Madhur Bhandarkar is going to take preventive measures and release a different copy of the trailer in the UAE, a copy which mutes the word Dubai or replaces it with a different word altogether.

But even after all the preventive measures and corrections, will Bhandarkar flip back into the good books of his fans in the UAE? And considering the Censor Board in the Middle East has always been very cooperative with the director and Dubai has shown its love by honouring him for his contribution to Indian cinema, we think Madhur has to come up with a really good solution to win their hearts once more. Maybe in his next film he can make one of his hot heroines say some great things about the city. Maybe then he will be forgiven…