Will Madhuri Dixit-Nene make it big in Bollywood again?

Our tarot card reader finds out if the actor can go back to being the heartthrob that she was before she tied the knot with Dr Shriram Nene

The cards depict Madhuri Dixit as the Empress – a lady who is well respected, dignified and in command of her life and her career decisions. At this point in her career, she is receiving many lucrative opportunities, which, like the Seven of Cups, can leave her confused. It will be important for Madhuri to not be too impulsive like the Knight of Wands, as she may take on more than she can handle, bringing with it unnecessary stress. The Ten of Swords warns that she will need to be better organised otherwise she may tire herself out. It will be important for her to take care of her health and allow her body to recover well.

The opportunities are there and her talent is there too, but this won’t be such an easy ride – there won’t be instant success. It will take time for Madhuri to understand the type of working formula that suits her.

As suggested by the combination of the Star and the Sun, success is inevitable. She will bloom in her work and the quality she can provide as an actor. In fact, as suggested by the Fool, if she goes against the grain and takes on projects which are different and challenging, she should receive more success. The cards also suggest that doing projects with people she had worked with when she was at her peak will bring her more adulation.

Throughout this new journey, Madhuri will be beautifully supported by her family. The Hierophant suggests that her family will provide her with balance and practicality that will be much needed, considering the kind of tempting opportunities she’ll be receiving. They will keep her grounded and yet be indulgent of her successes. Madhuri’s family will be able to reorganise their lives and adjust for her. Knowing this, Madhuri too will respect her family’s flexibility and do what she can for them.

The Star hints that February 2013 onwards there will be growth with respect to her work and it should bring with it achievements that she will be proud of. The cards definitely show that there is potential for her to achieve success similar to the kind of pinnacles she saw before marriage, if not more. There seems to be a lot to look forward to.

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