Will Maria Susairaj be the next TRP booster?

The Kannada actress may be guilty…or innocent of murder. But what has she done, film wise?

Now when it’s time to face the real world after getting out of jail, we wonder how Maria Susairaj’s journey will actually turn out? Can she lead a normal life anymore? Can she just go out and buy vegetables and manage to escape those lethal glares? She may have got away scot free, smirking at the judicial system, but can she get away from the accusations that the whole nation is welcoming her with? We don’t know. But (not surprisingly) there are also people who are already planning to cash in on the idea of promoting Maria, which in a way is a pleasant price for committing such a macabre crime. For instance, the not-so-normal Ram Gopal Varma is planning to cast her in a new film. The other day, a status message on a social networking site read, “How many of us would like to see Maria in this season of Bigg Boss?” Well, all we can say is that Maria will certainly rake in the dough, especially considering the fact that TRP’s and ethics don’t go hand in hand in this industry. But we are curious about one small aspect of the whole jhamela – Maria’s filmi resume. We did a little googling and learned that she really did do some acting.

Her films include

2007 – Ekadanta (Kannada)
2004 – Ok Saar Ok (Kannada)
2003 – Excuse Me (Kannada)
2002 – Joot (Kannada)

Of course, her potential projects could include RGV’s next few, but we leave that to the Gods and the local powers-that-be to decide on.