Will marriage hinder Kareena Kapoor’s flourishing career?

The soon-to-be married couple shares thoughts about shaadi ke side effects for a female actor in B-town

While the world can jump with joy thinking that married female actors as leading ladies are embraced in B-town, those who make movies sing a different tune. Power couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, who will soon say ‘I do’ – in October, it is rumoured but not yet confirmed – is part of the latter category.

In an interview the new Nawab of Pataudi was asked if married leading ladies are less favoured in Hindi film industry in comparison to leading men; he said: “Kareena just expresses that she’s conscious about this being a reality. And I try and assure her that it won’t impact her career. But she’s fairly realistic that in some ways it might and it will.”

Ah, now we know why the glam diva Bebo and her beau Saif have been tight-lipped about the long-awaited wedding. She isn’t yet ready to give up the grease paint and shun the arc lights.

All we can say is, let’s hope Heroine’s fine acting skills over-shines her marital status. After marriage, Kajol and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan managed to strike a balance between professional life and household responsibilities. So can Bebo do it too? We wait to find out…