Will Nayak’s sequel create another landmark for Anil Kapoor?

Sequel to Nayak

The 24 actor-producer is reviving his long lost dream of making a sequel to his 2001 hit

Nayak, the political drama, remains one of the most appreciated performances of Anil Kapoor. The actor was keen to make a sequel for a long time, but allegedly did not have enough funds to back the project.

Now, with 24 becoming a massive hit and earning him a lot of money, he wants to use these funds in the making of Nayak sequel. The 2001 hit was inspired from the Tamil blockbuster Mudhalvan and it’s sequel will have Mr India playing the lead and co-producing it as well.

Talking about the storyline, he maintains that the film would be different from the first installment, but would have incidents inspired from real-life experiences. The sequel would have a plot revolving around politics and would again show Anil Kapoor play the crusader of the masses. The rest of the cast has yet not been confirmed but the film will most likely go on floors by early 2015.

Well, we are eagerly waiting for Anil Kapoor to play the Massiah of the masses. Though we would surely miss Amrish Puri playing the antagonist. What do you think BollywoodLifers, will Nayak‘s sequel be as good as Nayak?

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  • km80

    I wish he did something original as an artiste. In the last 24 years, he has made his career copy pasting telugu or tamil movies. Even the TV show 24 is a rip off from the west. If they make a Nayak sequel in Tamil (Mudhalvan) first we all know Mr.AK will be following suit.