Will Nevaan Nigam’s ‘Kolaveri di’ break Dhanush’s record?

The version of  Why this kolaveri di by Sonu Niigaam’s son has crossed one million online hits

Dhanush’s Why this kolaveri di now can easily be awarded the song of the year. Sonu Niigaam’s son Nevaan joined Kolaveri di’s brigade recently and called his version the ‘Milk song’ as against the ‘Soup song’ of Dhanush. Nevaan has recorded the version in a very sweet way and generated over one million views in just three days! Dhanush, the original singer-lyricist of Kolaveri appreciated the little singer and wants to meet him. When Sonu read this, he tweeted, “Thank u @dhanush ji… He loved the song that we thought we should do this for him… And now he thinks you’ll meet him More Power!” On this, Dhanush tweeted back, that Nevaan was a ‘rockstar’ and he would love to meet him and also make a video with him. Kolaveri di has become popular in a very short period and received close to 20 million hits in a week on YouTube, while Nevaan’s version has garnered one million views in less than a week. Now let’s see if the ‘milk’ version breaks the records of the original ‘soup’ song!


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