Will Poonam Pandey strip for Sachin Tendulkar?

The Nasha babe made tall promises of posing in the buff for men in blue and then she conveniently shied away from shedding her clothes at the last minute by dropping the naughty idea. Will she do dare to bare act as the God of cricket takes the field for the last time, we wonder

Poonam Pandey is not exactly known for keeping her promises. Remember how she was launched straight into the limelight when she expressed her desire to drop her clothes if team India wins the World Cup in 2011? She disappointed her legions of fans by withdrawing herself from that commitment even if men in blue lifted the trophy amidst media fanfare. Later the desperate for attention babe posted some of her heavily photoshopped nude pictures with Sachin Tendulkar’s images around her.

And now as Tendulkar plays his last match Poonam Pandey is excited to see the man taking the field for the last time. Pandey, we hear, will present at Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium to cheer for the God of cricket. She even got inked recently with a special Sachin tattoo “Sachin on my arms,” tweeted Poonam.

Will the over-enthusiastic babe surprise one and all at the Wankhede by doing what she has been itching to do for so long? If that happens she will make the momentous occasion even more memorable!

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