Will Priyanka Chopra attend Karan Johar’s birthday bash?

The Teri Meri Kahani actor has suddenly given us a reason to doubt her attendance at KJo’s party

After all the fuss created about Priyanka Chopra being dropped from Karan Johar’s list of invitees and then the story of her finding her way back after the filmmaker had a change of heart and mind, will Piggy Chops give the coveted birthday party a miss to catch up on some lost sleep?

For everyone wondering what’s going on, here’s the dope. Priyanka made a one-day trip to Switzerland just a day before KJo’s birthday bash. And that was because she wanted to attend brother Siddharth Chopra graduation ceremony. Awwww! But thanks to all this, Priyanka had to compromise on her beauty sleep. Tch tch!

Now on her way back to Mumbai the jungli billi tweets, “Off to Mumbai.. Have a looooong few days ahead!! Kicking off #terimerikahaani promotions! Need sleep after this all nighter I just pulled..” Oops! Now the great question that’s gnawing on our minds is – will Priyanka forgo that shut eye for KJo’s birthday party? We just can’t wait to find out!


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