Will Priyanka Chopra be a successful playback singer?

After releasing her first international single, In my city featuring will.i.am, Pee Cee will now lend her voice to Bollywood films

Priyanka Chopra is all excited about the release of her forthcoming single, Exotic with the American rapper, Pitbull. The 30-year-old babe made a mark with her debut single, In My City featuring will.i.am and now Priyanka is expecting the same reaction to her second track as well. But one more prospect that has got the Miss World-turned-actor-turned-singer really gung ho is playback singing. “Vishal-Shekhar had  Salim Suleiman asked me to sing but I was shy. Playback singing should happen soon. I am just waiting for my album to come out!,” said Priyanka in an interview to a daily.

We know she has a good voice and can really be a good playback singer, but we are more excited with the idea of Priyanka doing a live rock show. Will she do that in the immediate future? We will ask her when we bump into her the next time!