Will professionalism cost Saif-Kareena wedded bliss?

Will professionalism cost Saif-Kareena wedded bliss?

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are now officially married. The high profile wedding was celebrated in proper Nawabi style with much fanfare, but great elegance. But even before Saifeena finishes thanking people for their blessings, a leading Islamic seminary has decided to challenge the registered marriage…

By now everyone knows that the Cocktail actor’s name reads Sajid Ali Khan and not Saif Ali Khan on the registered marriage document. No, don’t worry, Kareena Kapoor did marry the right guy, just under his given legal name, that’s why the difference! But if the Islamic seminary Darul Uloom is to be believed, Kareena has violated certain rules and regulations related to her marriage ceremony, which has irked some members of the Islamic institution located in Deoband, Uttar Pradesh. The organisation has expressed its grievances, claiming that the marriage of Saif and his ladylove is anti-Islamic, as the Hindu Kareena didn’t convert to Islam before the ceremony. According to Darul Uloom, Islam doesn’t approve of such relationships. Do you think Saif and Kareena care for such allegations? We don’t! They seemed blissfully happy, with Kareena the blushing bride, Saif the chivalrous bridegroom and everyone they wanted present cheering them on through the registered wedding, the exchange of vows later that night and the elaborate walima in Delhi the next day.

But controversy and celebration apart, the couple has decided to put professional life before their personal needs. Kareena and new husband Saif plan to get done with their work commitments first so that they can fly to an exotic location to spend their honeymoon aaram se. We hear that the ‘just married’ duo is all set to rock the stage together at one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies to be held next week. Yes, you read it right! The newlyweds will be teaming up to perform together just a few days after the marriage rituals. Wow!

But the party will happen, don’t fret. Saif will fly his new begum to Gstaad, Switzerland, in December for a belated honeymoon. In a recent interview Kareena described how she and her miyaan holiday very often in Gstaad, which is her favourite place to be, “home” in fact! (Remember Koffee with Karan?). They stay in a luxury hotel that is meant exclusively for ‘royalty’, where Saif has a permanent booking.

But once the honeymooning is done, the happy couple is expected to return to India by the first week of January, citing work commitments. Bebo will start shooting for Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha in Bhopal, while Saif gets busy promoting his next thriller, Race 2, being touted as the first big multi-starrer release of the next year.

Now this is one hard-working jodi, no? Wethinks they deserve all the holidays…errr…honeymoons that they can make time for! You agree?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • karan

    and why they look angry in the picture????? go to hell kareena and saif they think that they are the only coupls who got married ,,, it’s just few years and then we will hear the new of their divorce like her mom and her sis karisma

    • Naz

      You guys are mean. So much disrespect from one human being to another. Its disgusting.

  • vinna

    tat is their pesonal life.dont bother about them. tis is celebraties life for them is normal. who cares about them.

    • rekha

      What a big fuss!It is saif second marriage after all. Both had been in relationships before they got married. Its all for publicity

      • sairasaeed

        rekha just cos they have been in relationshipes before doesnt mean they cant marry again .they could have carryed on liven 2gether but they got marryed cos they loved each other .so stop bn mean think positive b positive

  • sheena

    who cares ? she claims to be traditional. what rubish . living together for years . the true traditional girl is our own ash who got married and till date is still living with abhis parents . kareena is just publicity seeker

  • sairasaeed

    may allah bless u both on ur marrage mr an mrs khan and give u a happy an long and health life together .lifes full of ups downs just be there for one anther an sport each other

    • sairasaeed

      why are u people so jugemntle each to ther own right?i think people are forgetn these actors have been entertaing us for years.we dnt no the real kareena or saif so wot rigt do we have to judge them

  • Taina

    Look guys it is their personal matter so let it be but i think they love each other that is why they did this shadi in i wish them a verrry good life both of them and i love them and i just want say shaadi mubarak saif and kareena be happy always with your lifes