Will ‘Raaz 3’ bring Bipasha Basu’s career back on track?

Since her break up with John Abraham, Bipasha Basu has been trying to re-invent herself and her career. Will she succeed? Will Raaz 3 get her back on track? Will her personal life become more secure? Our tarot card reader finds out

Bipasha Basu – a Capricorn likes to move ahead in life through secure decision making. She is constantly trying to achieve this – especially after experiencing regular disappointments. There are many recurring patterns in Bipasha’s cards, one of them representing balance from the Temperance – explaining how she is currently trying very hard to achieve consistency through moderation. The real question is whether Bipasha will manage to do so in all areas of her life?

When it comes to her career, Bipasha, like the Two of Cups is building new relationships and developing the old. These will prove to be quite useful since it will be the Four of Wands foundations that she builds now that will allow for future successes. But before she gets to her strong, consistent and Star like position she will have to go through some inconsistencies. These will vary from the Eight of Cups desire to abandon to the Two of Pentacles‘ financial instability. The journey will tire her out, but her resilience will get her through. February 2013 will see her career moving in an upward direction – towards good work and appreciation.

Raaz 3 will be successful at the box office, as the film will recover and earn well. Emraan Hashmi will, like the King of Wands, be in command. As for Bipasha, Raaz 3 will be the first step in restoring balance to her career and bringing out her hidden potential. Her work in upcoming projects should not be under estimated, especially as she has the Ace of Swords by her side. This represents victory of plans and ideas. It also shows that Bipasha will start thinking on the right track after Raaz 3, therefore this film will bring about changes, although invisible to us.

Like the Queen of Pentacles, Bipasha is concentrating hard on developing the life she is looking for. Currently, it’s all about herself – she is only looking to please herself, even if that means not allowing herself to openly express her emotions. She is comfortable being single-minded; it’s a self-imposed break. But within the next two years, the World card reaffirms her growth as a person and the desire to love again. Till then her family will feel edgy and highly emotional, which Bipasha will have to deal with.

It’s a time of self-discovery and this phase of re-invention will eventually bring Bipasha the success she is working for.

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