Will Rajinikanth and Deepika make a successful pair in ‘Kochadaiyaan’ and ‘Rana’?

Our tarot reader predicts whether this fresh pairing will manage to impress the audience and set the box office on fire

This has turned out to be quite a complex question, since there is so much involved here. Two films that are eagerly awaited, and two actors from very different generations are coming together. Therefore it is important to see the fate of both films; the way the actors feel and how the audience will react to the Rajnikanth-Deepika Padukone pairing.

The Ten of Wands brings with it the great expectations that come from a Rajnikanth film and more so with this new pairing. These expectations also show that there is a burden of responsibility to deliver a successful film, yet, the Two of Swords re-affirms the importance of resolving any pending issues. Temperance warns that both actors will need to be more balanced in their approach towards their characters. They will need to be well researched and have a clear understanding of what their characters require. A positive atmosphere and the excitement about Kochadaiyan will mean that enthusiasm from people around Rajnikanth and Deepika. They will feel encouraged through a supportive team.

The Tower and Seven of Cups suggests that Kochadaiyan won’t have the best opening and may leave many audiences confused with too much going on in the film. This issue can be addressed if there is more clarity in the script and the characters are better defined, which is where Rajnikanth and Deepika will need to pay more attention. The cards indicate that there is still time to resolve these niggles that could damage the perception of this pairing and harm the film.

Rana won’t be burdened with expectations like Kochadaiyan would, yet it will do very well. The Death card, in combination with the Two of Cups will make sure that this is the film that will give the Rajnikanth-Deepika pair the acceptance that their hard work will deserve. But again, the Eight of Swords indicates that it will important for the two to work with an open mind. The key will be in not being weighed down by what has not worked in the past and what is expected from them. They will need to work on this freely.

There is nothing to say that both films won’t make money since the Four and Ten of Pentacles will make sure that there is a profit. Losses are out of the questions – loyalty to a Rajnikanth film will continue. Overall, the pairing will work, but a larger audience will be accepting of it in Rana and not in Kochadaiyan. The learning curve of Kochadaiyan will be important for both the actors as they could use their previous experience to develop the required chemistry.

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