Will Rajinikanth really do an item number worth Rs 50 crore for Aamir Khan’s ‘Talaash’?

We certainly doubt that. And for all those who dreamed that the South superstar would travel through 200 countries for one song, here’s a dampener…

A couple of months ago we said that Rajinikanth quoted a sum of Rs 15 crore for an item number in Aamir Khan’s forthcoming movie, Talaash. We also said that the item number would cost the Perfectionist Khan a whopping sum of Rs 50 crore and will feature cricketing legends, politicians and corporate honchos. But hello, that was just our way of celebrating April Fool’s Day!

And guess what – while we were sure that our loyal readers would have a good laugh on reading the piece, we never – not even in our wildest dreams – imagined that certain feathered friends would actually take it all seriously. They did, and it made us chuckle when the many-weeks-old story started making headlines.

Now we wonder what else lies in store for us. What if on reading this juicy piece of goss, Aamir and Rajni actually decide to come together and make that imaginary item number a reality? Why, our April Fool’s Day joke will actually rebound on us and come true! And that would be simbbly great, no? Mind it!

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